Sunday, May 31, 2009

tillie and melissa are here! for a month. LET THE FUN TIMES BEGIN!!!

i am collecting easy summer recipes to being the summer of food prep. if you have any yummy and yet healthy and very very simply receipes i would so love to have them!!

and i want this shirt. it's from jjill. it's still $40 so i am hoping it will continue going down. because it does make sense to get it when i haven't gotten my bike yet. so please bless it's still around at the end of the month.

i signed up for anytime fitness on saturday. i'm pretty excited for friday to begin work out life. if any of you out there have a typical time you go, then holler and we can make a work out party!! :)

there are a number of notes that i want to write to people i want to write notes to from work. so many people i love.

melissa's mission tonight was to fix my profile for she saw something on rachel ray about how profiles can be a key to dating or a key to dating destruction. we'll if the updates makes magic happen. i'll keep ya posted!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

my sisters get bugged with me in that i don't update my blog very often and then wamoo - lots at once. sorry. i rarely think of things to add to here, and when i think of them, it usually is all at once.

this entry is dedicated to my summer plans.

i am officially leaving Church employment on june 4th. i had originally planned of staying until the end of june. but when melissa said she was coming with aaron and tillie for the entire month of june (actually, i don't know how much of this time aaron will be around. he has to do externships for dental school. he's amazing.), i knew that i would be rather ornery going to work when i knew everyone would be playing. thus, june 4th became the ending date.

so many mixed emotions. there are oodles of people i have come to love. from the women i work for to the parking garage attendent who chats with me each morning. i have become a different person from the last almost two years. and am so grateful. and yet, just as strongly as i knew i needed to be there, i know i need to leave.

after 3 years of cancer-free life, i think it's time to get my body in shape. so, this summer is dedicated to me. i will be getting a membership to hang out here:
i will be saving my pennies to purchase one of these (it's the bottom of the line for trek women's bikes, but i figure i need to prove to myself that i am really into this before i spend over a thousand on a bike):

and i will be swimming my guts out in this:

in my spare time, i will be preparing to teach 7th and 8th grade English! i am soo excited. i am trying to think of a theme for my classroom. i really loved the Hannah Montana movie - don't knock it until you see it - and really like the idea of butterflies; becoming something new. yet, i know that doesn't totally get guys excited, especially 7th and 8th grade boys. so it you can think of another type of insect or animal that changes into something new, let me know!! wait, frogs?? can i do butterflies and frogs all over my room and quotes about becoming?? hmmm . . . i think i like it.

i'll still be teaching institute. but only every other week. there is an incredible guy that comes to class that will teach the oposite weeks. what a saving grace. and the curriculum committee for the church is a two year calling.

AND, i am planning on going out to Stanford to see what i need to do to get accepted into their Curriculum planning and Teacher training program. i officially told Columbia thanks but no thanks on friday. people have thought i am crazy, especially with the scholarship i received. but i figure, i'm in no hurry. if i really want to do this, i want to go to a school that feels like home. new york would be a grand adventure, but i'm not looking for adventures just to have adventures any more. i am looking for the right things that feel right. so, i'll wait. :)

okay, i think that's all.

every need a day to just drive off into the sunset??

this week was a doozy - a few too many headaches - and i needed some drive-and-ponder-and-just-get-away time. thankfully, Logan is a great destination for these moments. usually park city can take the edge off, but this was a thinking journey, not a shopping one (roland and denise are very excited that i actually have different driving journeys!!).

you may wonder why logan of all places? the answer is soo easy . . . mary and jon scoresby! mary and i were super duper friends in high school. i remember one day, walking out of her room and thinking, "i hope someday i'll have opinions like mary does . . " ha ha ha! who knew that i would get pretty darn close!!? mary came down from logan (they are stationed there while jon is finishing his PhD in instructional design) for a reception a few months ago. although we have seen each other periodically through the years, it was that last time that it felt like our hearts were sealed. she understood me in ways very, very few people have. i craved more moments with her. thankfully the doozy of a week came when we had planned for me to come crash at their house.

i left alpine at 10 AM and actually drove the speed limit the entire way, getting into mary's drive way at 12:01 PM. we went to
and had the yummiest sandwiches and treats i think i have every had. we weren't fully prepared for the display of treats and so of course, we bought one of each to sample!! as good as the treats were, the sandwiches were out-of-this-world!! i'm not a big sandwich lover but goodness gracious, i will crave these for the rest of my life!

even better than the food, was just moments with mary. i literally felt my shoulders relax as i drove out of sardine canyon. and then, to just relax the walls of my heart with mary and jon, wow. i think i just get going with life and the day-to-day moments and forget how vital deep friendships are to the health of my soul.

adding to the health of my soul, i stopped at "aunt" kathy's house. i had a food saver my mom had bought for kathy and was planning on it being a quick in and out. hahahaha two and a half hours later, i finally left. :) kathy is another safe place for my heart. she is better than any therapist i have dumped my thoughts to. she makes me laugh and cry and puts my thinkings back where they belong. she alone is an escape from reality in that she is soo real and doesn't put up with the "crap" of life.

i left beautiful cache valley and hollered to a friend in plain city. he has one of the only working farms in plain city (just north east of ogden). he loves working on his yard and home so i stopped by to "oooh and aahhh" and remind him how amazing he is. we rode his four-wheelers around all his property and wow. i kind of rode the entire time with a smile plastered to my face. we passed the cows and the ducks and a goose, tonz of dandelions, and watched as the sun fell behind the mountains. wow.

needlesstosay, it was a good day. i was rather hungry as i left plain city at 9:00 pm and found a cafe rio in ogden. perfect ending to a perfect day.