Sunday, May 31, 2009

tillie and melissa are here! for a month. LET THE FUN TIMES BEGIN!!!

i am collecting easy summer recipes to being the summer of food prep. if you have any yummy and yet healthy and very very simply receipes i would so love to have them!!

and i want this shirt. it's from jjill. it's still $40 so i am hoping it will continue going down. because it does make sense to get it when i haven't gotten my bike yet. so please bless it's still around at the end of the month.

i signed up for anytime fitness on saturday. i'm pretty excited for friday to begin work out life. if any of you out there have a typical time you go, then holler and we can make a work out party!! :)

there are a number of notes that i want to write to people i want to write notes to from work. so many people i love.

melissa's mission tonight was to fix my profile for she saw something on rachel ray about how profiles can be a key to dating or a key to dating destruction. we'll if the updates makes magic happen. i'll keep ya posted!


lindsaypeterson said...

we missed you at the end of year breakfast at Kneaders. Let's get together soon! Thanks so much for the gift you left. I was so sad I wasn't there to see you! Loves!

Heather said...

i just put a shout-out on my family recipe blog for summer recipes. we'll see if anyone responds. I'm in need of fun salads and easy meals suited for summer too.