Friday, June 5, 2009

just want to make a declaration (yes, i learned the meaning of this word at work explaining the difference between the Young Women theme and the Relief Society declaration - one is repeated over and over, the other is a one timer). are ya ready?

i have the very best friends in the world!!

yesterday was my last day of work at the Relief Society general offices. i knew i would be sad to not have these women from the Relief Society Building in my life everyday. but i was truly amazed at how much i cried (yes, lots.) i wondered why i even attempted make up that day.

how i wish i had taken pictures. i am not so good at taking pictures of moments just for me. there are a number of moments that i want to take one, but feel lame. i should most definitely get over that. let's just say, i had an incredible day. and even received a giant trophy for my great dance moves!! (literally. a 2003 national dance championship 1st place trophy! bless melissa who walked across the street with it!!)

today, june 9th, i get to head up to the Heber Valley Girls Camp and be a guest speaker for the alpine 9th ward!! i get to talk about individual worth, and am going to talk about being a lady.
tomorrow, i get to go down by manti and speak to all the Geneva girls!! their stake invited me to come and speak about believing. i'll take my camera and see if i take any pictures. not quite sure what to wear to speak at girls camp . . .

i just got off a hike. around this area. imagine green and less snow on the mountain. i went on a trail saturday that goes from my house to the mouth of American Fork Canyon. it was lovely. i sang at the top of my lungs because i knew - hoped - no one would hear me.

ps this precious baby and i spent the yesterday afternoon together, just us. holy cow. here is my shout out to every mom. WOW. talk about hard work. i didn't do anything! just cleaned up one mess, tried to get tillie to eat, cleaned up another mess, took her on 2 walks, put her down for a nap, and a few hours later, bed, and spent another hour cleaning up again. holy, holy, holy!
but she was worth every second. okay, when she continued to tease me about throwing more food on the ground, i reminded myself she was worth it. :) and miss, i didn't even get bugged!!!