Thursday, July 23, 2009

curriculum planning!

my wonderful dad has let me store my classroom stuff in his storage shed for the last 2 years. he moved his stuff to a smaller shed, and seeing as i'm going back to teaching, we have all my stuff in the garage (yes, even more wonderful dad to let me take over the garage for a month!!).

on tuesday, i was out running errands and went to barnes and noble to find some curriculum books. there are a number of books i loved that we used at geneva. i found a new one specific to teaching english. but wondered what books i had in my garage bins. so yesterday, i went through all my bins. i got soooo excited to teach! i went into my mom at least 3 times telling her how excited i am to be a teacher - yes, my mom is a wonderfully patient woman.

i looked through all the posters and helps i made for where the heading on the paper goes, to multiplication reminds to class organizations. AND found an giant rubbermaid full of planning resources. i found all my college notes from my teaching english classes and spent the entire day on the internet and going through notebooks and books.

just a few sneak peaks of the school:

this is one side of the junior high. the white area is a little break0out room that classes share.

the hallway with brand new lockers!!

this is in the elementary school, i think that is the junior high in the right corner - it is a soccer field that divides the two buildings.
each classroom, in the elementary and junior high, has a wall of windows like this one!! talk about gorgeous!!!

i think we can move the garage bins into my classroom the second week of august. don't fret - i'll take pictures. OR, you can totally come visit!

oh, ps - if you have anything you remember or loved that your 7th and 8th grade teachers did, LET ME KNOW!!! =)

Friday, July 17, 2009

days of summer!
after i left work, my friend called. she had been on bed rest for about 2 months and her husband had been trying to be mr. mom to their two kids, while working crazy hours as a first year lawyer. so laura called to see if i could come out - OF COURSE!!

so we planned that i would go out to DC to play mary poppins for 10 days. before i left, however, i had 2 girls camps to speak at. and my aunt, cousin and counsin's little boy came to play the weekend before i left. if i could figure out where my camera chord is, i would get the pictures from DC - the National History Museum with Alexa and Dallin, Strawberry picking in Maryland, dinner with Anie and Spencer, midnight stroll of the Washington Monument and the World War II Monument with Jill, the water park, the library - you name it, we did it!! i'm in the middle of a deep cleaning on my apartment, so keep your fingers crossed i find it!

as soon as i got home, we went to lake powell!! it was tillie's first boating experience and we had a blast! her laugh is more than contagious. who knew babies were sooo dang fun!?? and even funner that there will be another baby wood next summer! hip hip hooray!
mom - aka audrey hepburn

we thought this rock looked like an RV camper!!
the day after we got home, em larsen got married. wow. words will never capture the incredible day it was. it was a little crazy getting to the wedding - em asked that i have a black dress. with all the craziness, i didn't order a dress until just before lake powell.
thankfully it was here when we got home. but surprisingly, it didn't look as good as it does on the model (who just happens to be amber broadbent - my first friend when we moved to alpine. sooo many hours were spent with her and megan and celeste walking up and down fort canyon!!).
but, i remembered that sundance outlet had a linen dress i had been wanting!! so i prayed my guts out and first thing thursday morning, i headed up.

and TAH-DUH!! they had it - and in black! don't worry, i ripped the tag off in the dressing room and wore it out of the store (don't stress, i had a little cardigan!). but i didn't love the cardigan i had with me, so i ran to ann taylor loft around the corner, and truly Someone upstairs was watching down on me because there were about 7 different black cardigans!! i was one happy camper!!

in the middle of the ceremony, the heavens opened and started dumping rain! we could hear the thunder! but, i don't think i have been in a more beautiful ceremony. probably because i knew so much of the background of em and dox's lives and it made things so much sweeter.

we waited for the rain to subside, but then just grabbed the umbrellas and braved the weather. we did one group photo and called it quits. we then headed for the salt lake country club and enjoyed a perfect evening. here is my bouquet. doesn't that tell you how glorious it was??

now, i'm actually enjoying the pool!! i have had a few days of just swimming, reading, swimming, reading. and boy howdy, i live at a resort.

i decided to go for a personal trainer this summer instead of a road bike. and many, many days i find muscles i didn't know i had. don't stress, in typical emily fashion, i fainted last week in the middle of the work-out. who knew that sleep, water, and food were such important things!?!? my poor trainer.

if you have any ideas of how to teach 7th and 8th grade english, feel free to holler. that's what i am working on lately. haha you'd think i'm a first year teacher all over again!

and finally, it's my mom's b-day today. so, i just want to give her a little shout out. i am amazed every day at how blessed i am to have her as mine. i have realized lately, that there are so many types of moms and so many ways to parent. you know that line from the Sound of Music when maria and the captain are singing and one line is, "i must have done something good"? i'm sure i didn't do anything good, but the Lord was merciful enough and honestly, probably begged my parents enough to take me. i honestly feel like the luckiest person in the world. my mom is all that i want to be. and yet, i know i won't ever remember to put the butter in the homemade frosting first. or ever be able to make up a purse pattern after just seeing one at the store. i will never be the friend the way she is to so many. people are safe with her. they call to find out her thoughts about children, washing machines, IKEA cabinets, etc., etc., etc. she is who we all want to be and i actually get to see how she does it.

so although she is another year older, i feel that i get to be another year wiser just because i watch her be her. how truly grateful i am that she was born.

with that - we'll see how the carrot cake i attempted for her turned out!! but, not without a little dip in the pool first!! :)

**note - i started this update on the 17th, but today is actually the 20th of july! ;-)