Thursday, July 23, 2009

curriculum planning!

my wonderful dad has let me store my classroom stuff in his storage shed for the last 2 years. he moved his stuff to a smaller shed, and seeing as i'm going back to teaching, we have all my stuff in the garage (yes, even more wonderful dad to let me take over the garage for a month!!).

on tuesday, i was out running errands and went to barnes and noble to find some curriculum books. there are a number of books i loved that we used at geneva. i found a new one specific to teaching english. but wondered what books i had in my garage bins. so yesterday, i went through all my bins. i got soooo excited to teach! i went into my mom at least 3 times telling her how excited i am to be a teacher - yes, my mom is a wonderfully patient woman.

i looked through all the posters and helps i made for where the heading on the paper goes, to multiplication reminds to class organizations. AND found an giant rubbermaid full of planning resources. i found all my college notes from my teaching english classes and spent the entire day on the internet and going through notebooks and books.

just a few sneak peaks of the school:

this is one side of the junior high. the white area is a little break0out room that classes share.

the hallway with brand new lockers!!

this is in the elementary school, i think that is the junior high in the right corner - it is a soccer field that divides the two buildings.
each classroom, in the elementary and junior high, has a wall of windows like this one!! talk about gorgeous!!!

i think we can move the garage bins into my classroom the second week of august. don't fret - i'll take pictures. OR, you can totally come visit!

oh, ps - if you have anything you remember or loved that your 7th and 8th grade teachers did, LET ME KNOW!!! =)


Jill said...

The fly-swatter game. I'll email you. It's FANTASTIC for vocab, grammar review. Ok, so it's a game I played with my students and not one I loved during school, but I thought you'd like it.

Book "That Was Then, This is Now" SE Hinton. Much less read than "The Outsiders" but so poignant. Quite a lesson in friendship, right/wrong, consequences. And even a little romance and violence. Love, SE Hinton.

Student white boards, what CAN'T a teacher do with these.

Paper pyramids-- I'll call you about this one. I PLETHORA of activities from plot to theme to affixes. And they look GREAT hanging.

"My House Has Stars" great for descriptive writing, research, fragments, cross-curriculum with social studies.

Ok, I'll shut up now, but let's chat. I've got sooooooooooo much. I mean I did teach 7th grade for 3.5 years. :)

Oh, and character dolls, heard of them? great for assessing writing levels at the beginning of the year and getting to know your kids.

Love you! See you in Sept!

Rebecca Snyder said...

i love the picture with the lockers.