Sunday, August 30, 2009

Welcome to Miss Snyder:

From looking around the room, and talking with me, what do you know about me? (Don't do the obvious things like, "You like books. You like markers." You are much to smart to do the obvious things.)

As I share other things about me, record the item or topic and then right Y or N if you would have guessed that I liked it.

1 comment:

melimba said...

cute pictures!
at first, when I read the top of your blog, I was like, "whaatt?"---but this is what you are having your students do today. got it.

very good.

well, it looks like you really adore ME. hmm... and you like good friends, swimming, family, harley rides, making tussie mussies WITH OUT ME, lake powell, etc.

i could go on, but I just want to say that I LIKE YOU a lot.
good luck today, on your first day of teaching jr. high crazies!

love you.