Tuesday, August 4, 2009

happy happy birthday dear melissa!!

when i was 6 years old, i got a cabbage patch kid for my birthday. then, jesse got one too. i was a little upset. until dad explained that we were getting the babies because mom and dad had a new baby too - their baby was much cuter and so much more fun than ours. and we came to love her a billion trillion times more than the cabbage patch kids. her name was MMMEEEELLLLIIISSSAAAAAA!!!

in honor of her 25 years of incredible living, here are 25 memories. :) note these are not in any particular order:
  1. melissa and sarah recording a potato video. they made potato gum - gag - and got in trouble at kholer's for recording in the store.
  2. letters from melissa were hidden in my suitcases when i went to Europe for a study abroad. there were 8 letters - one for each week. wow.
  3. waking up early and staying up late writing letters for becca as she went to jerusalem.
  4. sleeping in the twin beds the night before her wedding and talking about how great aaron is.
  5. getting the phone call from melissa after she and aaron drove off from their wedding reception. she was crying! out of gratitude. :)
  6. the numerous conversations about how she should cut her hair a few months ago.
  7. melissa was the cutest little bo beep when she was in kindergarten in california.
  8. singing for a Relief Society enrichment when she was 4. every woman that she was the most beautiful, sweetest thing in the world! amen!!
  9. she and the girls won the alpine days lip sync contest with the greatest wigs and costumes when she was in junior high.
  10. laura grover bailey and i were her backup singers at a ward talent show when she was little. she sang mr. postman. laura and i were a mess. miss was great!
  11. late night talks last Christmas while aaron and his bro were playing the wii.
  12. Christmas in hawaii, receiving a picture of the painting she made for me of the perfect red barn.
  13. breakfast at the gunther house in san antonio. oh my yum!
  14. the hours and hours she spent making posters for my classroom, then the entire 5th and 6th grade hallway at geneva. they are still there in the hallways making the hall happy!
  15. Hannah Montana opening!!
  16. checking her blog daily for the photoshoot updates of the beautiful tillie mae.
  17. reading her emails to my 6th graders as an example of great voice in writing.
  18. sunday night sing alongs around the piano - hooray for efy songbooks.
  19. in high school, the boys delivering her a video they made for her b-day.
  20. family new york trip just before aaron proposed. i stole her coat and eye shadow as often as i could!
  21. just miss and i in new york. we stayed at alisa and jono's house. miss and i had a little disagreement at the metro stop. :)
  22. updating my online dating profiles in texas! ;-)
  23. car dancing on the way to the NSYNC olympics concert - we ended up sitting next to a man that wasn't loving that fact that we danced the entire concert!!
  24. getting to be her roommate at byu the semester before she got married. jesse and i let her have the big room for her art supplies. she provided most of the decorations!
  25. she made her wedding "cake" of cinnamon rolls. too fun!
there are a billion more memories that make life joyful with meliss around. how we love and need her. and now she gets to be a mommy to another precious little baby. this time, a little boy will be joining the wood family in january!!! happy HaPpY birthday miss!

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melimba said...

oh, you are good.
what a lovely little tribute to ME!
I almost felt like I was at my funeral or something. :)
and, I'm so glad you ended up liking me more than the cabbage patch doll.
thank you for that.

love you.
thanks for being the bomb.com

and what disagreement at the metro station? I thought that trip had absolutely NO disagreements. :) hA!