Monday, August 31, 2009

just a few of the new friends at Early Light Academy!! yes, we are having fun even though we are in meetings, meetings, meetings here. :)

this would be the classroom. this is for betsy!! mike, the PE teacher above, can me a 50% chance of really getting my room organized. he left saturday afternoon "SURE" that i wouldn't be able to fit all my stuff. :) i love that i really and truly got everything in and organized!

yes, it looks like a mini walmart and it makes me VeRy happy!

so i like books. the kids thought my room was the library!! :)

shelley, do you love how simple i let things be?? not going to clutter things up!!

yes, i did have students today. wow. i am officially a middle school teacher. wow.


Logan and Emily said...

WOO HOO! GOOD LUCK! I'm so dang excited for're going to be FABULOUS!

melimba said...

ok, i'm loving the room! it's so different than I pictured... the shelves especially! hA!
good job.
clean simple and lovely.
good work, miss snyder!

Renee said...

Auntie Em!!!!

It looks like you found OZ!! Or better yet, your home!! We miss you here but know you are doing what you do best and that is working with young people! Keep in touch.

Love ya,

Jill said...

Alright, welcome to middle school. Little puberty-riden and sometimes schizophrenic dreamboats. I'm excited to see you when we finally meet up.

LOVE the books.

Anie said...

YOU make me miss teaching!! I wanta hear all about how the new school year is going!