Sunday, September 6, 2009

happy labor day eve!

i have had a lot of thoughts and dreams running through my head the past 10 - 11 months. one of them being the dream of working for (presenting, directing, consulting, etc.) for Harvard's Change Leadership Group. i found their site while surfing the Harvard Education site. have you ever had one of those moments when things just tend to line up?? when thoughts you thought were just your own are expressed by someone else and you know it was meant to be??

that's how i felt when studying and reading the information about the Change Leadership Group. it's like someone had tapped into my mind and formulated all my educational passions into words. i was thrilled. but had no idea what to do about it. kind of a pipe dream (is that the correct analogy??).

i have a friend that thinks BIG thoughts. he doesn't allow limits to his dreams and to what he can attempt. after chatting with him a few times, i finally got brave and emailed the Change Leadership Group asking if there were any employment opportunities i could look into for next year. tragically, their mailbox was full and i received an automated response.

but, last night, while watching the beautiful win found in the BYU vs Oklahoma game that my dad recorded for me, i had a sudden idea and gumption to write to the co-director, Tony Wagner. who, pray tell, does something like that?!?!? me. i guess the girl who had the audacity to only apply to Stanford and Columbia does that.

and here might be the lesson for all those that may fear being audacious . . . Mr. Wagner responded! in 4 hours no less! and, he was encouraging! and, he had found my blog and read it!! i offered him my services as a gopher and a "slave" volunteer doing anything he could possibly use me for while i am almost an entire country away from him.

we'll see if any truly comes of it, but today, September 6th, 2009, i have learned a great, great lesson: there is great joy and satisfaction in attempting your dreams!!


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