Monday, September 21, 2009

here's what's going on in my next of the woods:

i am applying to teach at efy. we'll see how that goes, but it's been a desire for awhile and i asked people to video me as i taught at the girls' camps this past summer. it would be incredible. the application is due october 1st. my good good dad is transferring the video to DVD for me to send.

as i have been remembering how to teach, i have been LOVING this book!! soo many of the things he teaches are things i remembered that i already did, but am loving that he is refreshing my memory. it makes me more than excited for our designated writing days to begin!!

last night, i woke up at 2:30 am and couldn't go back to sleep for way too long. so i did a lot of thinking. i mentally re-wrote my grad school application. i thought about using the transformers line, "more than meets the eye" that Optimus Prime says. i thought about how i got word of cancer - there was more than met the eye of the doctors as they looked into the tumors. my headaches in russia was more than met the eye as i found out they were the symptom of chronic fatigue. and then, i have discovered that i am a little more than meets the eye. at one point during my byu years, my life resume was very stereotypical lds: grew up in utah, went to byu, served a mission, was an efy counselor, majored in elementary ed, went home on the weekends, etc.

but i have recently discovered that my psycho drive for learning more about education is just a little more than meets the eye.

now that i am wide awake at 10:25 pm, and it's not 2:30 am, i am thinking this approach may not be as great as it sounded earlier. hmm . . . we'll see how i can draft things. i'll let my students be my critics. :)

ps - melissa and tillie are here! mom and dad are going on a cruise this week, for 10 days, and miss is here to babysit me and lizzy. LOVE this plan!! it's so fun and crazy to see miss pregnant with the sweet little boy that will be coming soon!!

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Heather said...

i love teaching. you should check out the website it is all about how we as educators should teach to the brain.