Wednesday, October 14, 2009


along these big huge windows, i want to make those cute banners with the triangle flags.
i think that will be this saturday's project, wanna help??
oh and the quote is, "if you wait for inspiration, you aren't a writer, you are a waiter" ;-)

a former student told me that it just wouldn't be miss snyder's room without batman somewhere . . . . oh my crush on christian bale . .

cute stack of books poster soon to be coming above the white bookshelf . . .

dear justyn
"a reader today, a leader tomorrow"

my GiAnT piece of paper - so they see how i want things written (like it works, but i try!)

"don't fear making a mistake, fear failing to learn and move forward"
fyi . . .
the open space above the white book shelf will soon have a hand-made poster of a stack of books, and the space before the reading quote will hopefully have a hand-made poster of an open book . . . hint, hint becca. please?!?!?

remember how i LOVE teaching english?? i have been teaching math this week - long story!! - and as much as i have missed teaching math (truly i have. lots of days i have walked by the math teacher's room and just been green with envy, thus, i took the opportunity to teach it this week . . . ), i have deeply and dearly missed my class, my classroom, and my subject. who knew? i taught all but science for 6 years and loved it all. who knew that i would be so in love with english alone?? but i am.

i miss the feel of my room, i miss the climate, i miss how the kids behave with me in my room (yep, i am different in math, just ask justyn. he has told me twice in two days that he likes me better as an english teacher!! but he follows it up with the fact that he has learned lots this week and does like me as a math teacher too, phew!).

i am majorly excited for tomorrow. lizzy has uea tomorrow and so no school for her. so she is coming to my class!!! it's fun to get to teach her age group - finally!! so she will come in school uniform (khakis, navy, and white) and be with me all day. i can't wait. i've been telling my students about it for a few weeks. she is incredible and i can't wait for my students to know and love her.

i'll take more pics tomorrow night because a friend from school is following me home and we are going to carve/paint/design/decorate pumpkins. miss snyder wood sent me a link to a blog that had some beautiful pumpkins. mike wants to make sick scary ones. i will be making classy ones!! :) stay tuned!!

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