Thursday, October 22, 2009

guess who's on the radio!?!?
weird. me!

this summer, a friend of mine who works and producing a few of the LDS Church radio shows asked me to come be on a panel radio show. it is all about singles and there was a mix of 5 singles - 3 guys and 2 girls. we have all experienced a variety of single's wards and were in various stages of life. it was so fun to do and it is now available for listening.

it's about an hour, so feel free NOT to listen unless you have a while. ;-)

ps one of the best surprises was that one of the guys, jason, is my good friend's brother! sooo nice to have a familiar face!


melimba said...

you look so cute in the pictures!
and, since you are all single here, you should date one of those boys in that picture too.
you could have some really cute kids.


can't wait to listen. i'll do it while i have a long session at the computer.

love you.

Scoresbys said...

LOVING!!! your hair :)

Angela said...

This is awesome, Em! Thanks for sharing!!! I am listening to it right now...looks like it was a blast, too! :)