Saturday, October 10, 2009

Harvest Fest 2009!!

miss and court have a harvest fest that is one of the greatest highlights of my entire year. it kills me how beautifully martha everything is. becca took some of these pictures. in the one above, you will notice that the cups are stacked in alternating colors. remember how they don't come packaged like that? this means, the ladies did this themselves. who thinks like that?? :( not me. continuing to the right in this picture, you will find a basket. within this perfectly pumpkin color container you will find napkins wrapped around untensils tied with a harvest colored bow. yep. miss chalk, aka martha stewart, is my bff and i am the luckiest person in the world!!

these types of details FiLLeD their home - cake balls in celophane bags and tied with a bow, a garage full of "make and takes" - complete with instructions and all the supplies needed, homemade soups and cider and a table full of harvest delights! along with all this harvest heaven-ness, the beauty of harvest fest is the reunion of friendships. for most of us, it is the one time a year we see each other and catch up. friendships that have been cemented and that are the kind you just pick up in the middle of the intense and tender and often sacred conversation that you were in the middle of last year at harvest fest. this is priceless. and a special gift.

and then, interspersed within the ongoing conversations are the exciting beginnings of new relationships and friends. for example, there was one girl whom i have know from a distant. we have a number of common treasured friendships (heart-mates) and yesterday, we had our first official bonding moment. it was the cherry on top of my harvest heaven.

so, happy happy harvest. happy colored leaves. happy soup and warm fires and blankets surrounding while reading or movie watching.

me and molly making our magnets

preparations for the rolls, they were still baking . . yum!

beautiful michelle and heather. never enough time to chat

amber and her adorable little boy. she wanted me to note that she is 5 months along with baby boy #2!!

me and nat - miss' incredible sister!!

the table of tantalizing treats!

chad rigged the ribbon in the garage. wow!

amy and miss . . .

amy and miss. amy decided to smile for this one!


court got up to dance! too bad i didn't have a video camera!

me and molls being crafty. shocker that i'm talking . . . i'm sure it was very important!

molly and jenn .. .

martha done untensils!

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Mrs.C said...

Emily, how are you cute girl? Thank you posting pix of my see them more often then I do! All of your pix were darling--wish I could have gone and had fun with all of you. Maybe next year.
Hope everything is wonderful in your life. Say hello to your family.
Mel's Mama