Wednesday, October 28, 2009

hooray for bolt buses!
i am currently riding one of these lovely vehicles. there are leather seats, outlets, and wireless. wow. who knew traveling by bus has been upgraded so such luxuries?? and all this joy for just $13.00! the bolt and i get to be together for over 4 hours today as she takes me from the land of musicals and yellow taxis to the land of wisdom and transcendentalists! (nyc to boston) =)

this morning was a bit of an adventure. if you know me, you know that some adventures tend to make me tear up a bit and stress and worry and a bit of fear. but you will be very happy to know, that i didn't even begin to form a tear. i think i am truly growing up!

yesterday was a perfect new york city day. i have been to new york a few times. i have done the musicals and time square. i have done and LoVeD Ellis Island. i have done chinatown. i been silenced by ground zero. 've explored 5th Ave. all the major NYC spots. thus, i was not stressed to do any of it yesterday.

i got up from a heavenly sleep at jen's. she had an air mattress already for me when i stumbled in at 11:30 pm Monday night. i got ready and walked out to the rain. (don't stress, jen is the perfect martha hostess and had an extra umbrella and metro map and house key for me to use. talk about the dream!) got to the subway and headed to ground zero.

why, you ask? a few years ago, i worked for Girls Quest - a girls camp for low income girls. it was held in Albany, NY. it was during this camp i was told i needed to have my thyriod removed because there was a great likelihood i had cancer in some tumors. i had been hired as the Educational Director. we started working as soon as i got there. we had so many things planned and ready to go. but then, 10 days later i was home. Bev McEntarfer was the director. we had a wonderful time together!! so it was a hard good-bye to say.

Bev is working for another organization, directing camp, and i headed to ground zero area to visit her. we had a wonderful hour long chat and she was off to a meeting. it was soo good to be with her. it reminded me just how much i love working and planning and creating opportunities for the youth to discover their best selves.

i jumped onto the subway from her office and made a quick stop at canal street to buy a gray scarf i had been wanting. and then back on the subway to head to Columbia's Teachers College.

i had a 1:00 pm appointment to take a tour of the facility. i walked quickly through a few streets and got there panting. lovely. i had worn a shade shirt under my blouse - worrying about the weather. stupid! i ran to the restroom and deleted that shade shirt layer. so much better!

in all my hussle, i forgot to eat. so at 2:30 pm i found artopolis. here i had a crepe with egg, ham, and cheese. then, the strawberry mouse - aka strawberry shortcake - was just a little too tempting. talk about heaven!! then, i found myself walking. and walking. and walking. i went through central park that was beautifully wet and covered with fallen colored leaves. i went down 5th avenue and wondered about the lives of those that actually call this street home. i pondered the excitement of being a doorman at the luxurious apartment buildings. i passed a protest. i looked into beautifully decorated shops on madison. i got a cramp in my foot after about 3 hours of walking. i went into the American Girl Store and almost started crying. They stopped making Samantha last year. and i was heart broken. i always had wanted her. and the sign in the door said that Kirsten was next. ugh. i think the company is going to destroy my childhood dreams. i so wanted to buy these dolls for my daughters and enjoy them through my girls. ugh. NOW i just might cry.

did i mention that on one of the subway trips a 60 plus-year old man offered to take me to Paris?? he said he wished it was 30 years ago and he would have! he informed me that my husband (white lies are totally allowed, correct??) is the very, very lucky man. and that i needed to remind him of that and let him know i was almost stolen to enjoy Paris with a stranger. let's not analyze the type of men i attract. let's just enjoy the compliment. right??! :)

back to the night. i went from rockefeller square to union square and met jen at the bald man's chocolate place. (note. this is NOT the official name. check it out here.) we ate way too much. but it was divine! i had my favorite thin crust pizza with fresh tomatoes, basil, and mozzarella and for deseret, chocolate chip banana bread with chocolate sauce, strawberries, and real whipped cream on the side. why is this place NOT in utah??

the original plan had been that jen and i and her roommate were going to go to a movie in harlem - good hair. about how black women do their hair. jen said it is definitely an experience because people talk to the movie!!
BUT after walking forever and eating two meals within hours of each other, i was ready for bed! so we went home and just chatted and went to bed.

who knew that i would sleep so soundly that i wouldn't wake up until 9:00 AM!!!! i hurried and got ready to go and went out to get to the bolt bus station. lovely complications that we won't get into, found me at the bus station 10 minutes AFTER the bus was to leave. fabulous. i didn't know what corner of 34th and 8th ave to was to find the bus. i called to see what would happen if i missed the bus. i was told i could just get the 12:00 pm bus. phew! but thankfully the bus and i had similar problems and it was late also!! so i got on just fine at 11:20ish and am not enjoying the quiet and the scenery of the lush east coast.

i was suppose to have an appointment with a professor at harvard. but i emailed she secretary to let her know it probably wouldn't be happening seeing as how late the bus was and how we hit traffic getting out of the city. she informed me not to stress and that i could meet with her later tomorrow. hooray!!

we'll see how things go tomorrow!!
ps no camera :( i'll have to see about begging someone to take pictures for me!


{mike.amanda} said...

love the tales! love boston, but love NYC even more. have tons of fun!!

Life, Love and a Lil Sauce said...

that sounds like the PERFECT NYC day!! I'm so glad you are having fun!

Jenn -- said...

Sounds like a wonderful adventure! Yea for you!

S&F Seminario said...

I felt so priveledged to get a shout out from you while you are out trapsing around the enviable New England fall. How I wish I could be there!
Please plan something we could write with Jenn. I will take whatever small role you two want to assign would be a dream to see my name in print with both of yours! Have so much fun!

Angela said...

Em! Hey! I didn't know that you had a blog until I saw it on facebook! So fun. I loved reading about your adventures in NYC and it sounds like Boston was a great experience, too! You will have to let me know what you decide to do...grad school at either place would be AMAZING!!! :)