Sunday, October 4, 2009

oh the joys of fantastic rainy fall days!!

that sounds rather sarcastic, but it is 100% how i feel. i LOVE rainy fall days! add some homemade beef stew and cornbread, and it is a "little bit of heaven". thus, today, i experienced what i imagine heaven to be like.

add to this little bit of heaven, listening to the prophet and the apostle's voices for the last 2 days, and my life is pretty close to perfect. wow.

i had 2 tickets from working on the curriculum committee. melissa and tillie flew out saturday morning and mom and dad flew in saturday afternoon. so, i got one ticket for saturday morning, and one ticket for saturday afternoon. definitely not a big deal in my life to do things by myself. i find myself truly getting to experience something at a different level. thus, i was rather excited about the day.

friday night, i found out that i didn't need to be up and ready as early on saturday because melissa's in-laws volunteered to take her and tillie to the airport. so i slept a bit longer and very unrush-ed-ly headed to salt lake at about 8:50 am ish. by the time i found a place to park and walked to the conference center, it was 9:48 am and there were STILL lines outside. i got in and seated and thoroughly enjoyed the first session.

i had packed a little lunch, so as the morning session ended, i headed over to temple square to find a little place to sit and eat. it was lovely. people watching is one of my all-time favorite past times. i love to observe people and just appreciate their goodnesses. conference weekend is the ideal time and place to observe. so, for about 25 minutes, i ate yummy homemade pizza (i LOVE having a gourment chef as my sister!) and watched.

i headed back over to the conference center just as they were opening the doors. it was 12:30 pm, so the center was very empty. it was peaceful just to look around and sit in awe.

then i saw the featherstone's from a distance!! president featherstone was in the stake presidency of a ward i was in while living in east millcreek. he and i had a few opportunities to bond and then i met his wife and wow, i feel in love with their family! sister featherstone came to speak at an enrichment meeting. it was one of the most powerful talks i have heard. then, she was called to be on the Young Women general board, and i got to see her weekly.

they have been one of the most precious relationships i have missed since leaving the Relief Society Building. so, when i saw them, i went over to saw hello and give big fat hugs! heaven was smiling upon me because they happened to have an extra seat. they told me to get my things and come sit with them.
president featherstone is the one behind the camera. yep, he is a filmmaker.
the amazing and beautiful sister featherstone.

it's funny how people rarely know that they have been an answer to prayers. even when you try to tell them, they rarely believe it. the featherstone's definitely were answers to unasked prayers. i love them and they taught me Heaven was watching out for me.

thus, hooray for perfect rainy fall days!!


Life, Love and a Lil Sauce said...

I love that you had the perfect day! Can't wait to talk about Conference favs wih you!

Anie said...

I SO wish I could have been there to go to conference with you. I was thinking about you during the RS broadcast last weekend and how much I miss you. Plus my friend's mom serves on the RS board. When I mentioned you to my friend she gasped and said, "OH, my mom LOVES Emily!"
But then again- who doesn't!!! Miss you!

melimba said...

I'm glad that you had such a good day. Those are really nice to have every now and then, eh?

and, I'm so glad for the featherstone's too. Way to save the day, people!