Saturday, October 17, 2009


i have these giant windows in my classroom (see post below) and i wanted to make a pennant thing. so that was today's goal. my incredible mom helped me think through things last night and then got out many of her harvest themed fabrics. i worked with some of them, but went to the local fabric store and found some others (may have bought a BiT more than i needed, so if you are looking for fabrics, shop at my house first!).

i cut out the fabrics and had them all laid out in order, when my mom came dashing into the kitchen remembering that she needed to have cookies made for tomorrow. i was ironing the pennants and wasn't looking too forward to the sewing part, so i offered to switch jobs with my mama - talk about a win-win! she doesn't love making cookies and i don't love hemming! tah-dah! heaven! here's how things turned out:

getting prepared to sew . . .
dearest mom taking over . . .
sweet! i get to where my apron miss gave me!
did i mention my mom is amazing!?!
i LOVE the fabrics i found
heaven! heaven! heaven! i'll take more pics of it at school on the windows!
cookies ready for taking
and not to mention the kitchen is clean!

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melimba said...

win win!
love that!
those cookies look DELICIOUS!
and i am SO loving the pennants! NOT PENDANTS! :) they are ALL so cute!