Sunday, November 29, 2009

happy happy sunday!
it was so grand being back at church in the land of the living. i got to teach Gospel Essentials again today. and i commented that although the being sick part of swine flu wasn't so fun, the time to just be and reflect was incredible. it was much like my cancer summer when i was isolated for a week, but i wasn't sick with the radioactive iodine!! crazy!

i re-read Christy on Monday. i soo love it! i borrowed val goodrich's over the summer - last summer? it was sooo hard not to mark her book up with writing my thoughts and underlining and highlighting thoughts. this was the first re-read with my own copy (lame. yes. i know.) and let's just say it may look more like a workbook than a novel. :)

you may remember the series on tv a number of years starred the girl from "life goes on". corky's sister??

it is about a young girl in the early 1900's who leaves her well-to-do family to teach in a mountain town. there is a mission home that is the center of the town where she lives. she learns about herself and mainly who she is in relation to her God. needless to say, this is why there are so many things underlined and notes in the margins. 

i shared a part from the book in class today. if you haven't read it. OR it's been a while since you have, here is your assignment, READ IT!! :)

again, not that you care, but here is the proposed outline of the class. but, like any class, things didn't really follow as plannned, it was better!! how i love the people in my ward. they are full of wisdom and experience. 

okay, that's about all the excitement in my life. i am working on grad school applications again. AND practicing my handwriting lots. lame, but my friend and i watched the illusionist the other day and i LOVED the handwriting the credits. soo weird. my friend thought i was more than a little odd!

OH and i guess there was Thanksgiving!! one of my favorite friends, mike, came to join us for the day. 


melissa and aaron and tillie were here for the week. they stayed with the woods, but we were able to steal a few moments with them. we soo LOVE having them around. last night, we laughed that the new baby will tweak our life style. we are going to texas for Christmas, in less than a month. melissa and tillie jump on the plane all the time to visit. with another baby, it's really going to ruin of lives!!

OH, and last but not least, the BYU game!! dad, me, aaron, and aaron's dad all went to the game and goodness, it was AMAZING!!! i was screaming my guts out!! i went a little hoarse.  

although i think we were all rather disappointed in max hall's comments after the game, it was a typical nail-biting game. and on a physical note, andrew george's arms are InCrEdiBLe!! :)


Heather said...

thanks for the book recommendation. i'm totally going to read this. i do remember the series. that gal was a little dramatic and intense, but overall we liked watching it. So glad you're feeling better from the flu! And your thanksgiving looks fun. Happy holidays to you!

melimba said...

I don't know if the term fits about "ruining our lives"---but yes, our frequent flier status is definitely going to be cramped. majorly.

anyway, like the photos you posted. looks like it was a lovely day. and your rolls look delicious. no wonder I ate 5 the next day. :)

love you.
glad you are better.
oh, and thanks for the new wardrobe. :)

Angela said...

I am so glad that you are feeling better. I totally understand how being sick can actually sometimes be a blessing in disguise. It gives us an opportunity to really slow down, reflect and enjoy a good book or two. I think I will definitely have to check out "Christy." Thanks for the tip! Love you!