Thursday, November 19, 2009

now i like pigs, probably more than the rest of you.
i gave lizzy a book about Toot and Puddle one year and she began collecting stuffed pigs ever since. i think she has over 40 in her room.

that being said. when i told my principal today that i have swine flu, he lovingly asked it i had kissed a pig while in boston. as cute as these little piglets are, no thank you. but alas, swine flu and i are going to be friends for awhile. dr. mower declare that i am out-of-commission until next tuesday. not a big deal. UNLESS i need to get sub plans ready. and UNLESS i'm not co-incharge of the first middle school dance tomorrow. and UNLESS tuesday isn't the last day before Thanksgiving break. and UNLESS my students aren't writing essays for a class magazine and some of them are dying to meet with me to help them edit.

oh well. hooray for fevers. it's been a long long time since i've had one, so i am getting my dose now. hooray.

love, me


Life, Love and a Lil Sauce said...

I'm so sorry! I hope you feel better! Love ya!

melimba said...

hate swine flu for you.

good luck figuring out the plans for the sub!

too bad you aren't just PRETENDING you have swine flu and are really partying it up. double boo.

love you.

{mike.amanda} said...

are you SERIOUS? you, too? you poor thing! get feeling better...

Angela said...

Shoot, Em! Take care of yourself!!! Everything else will take care of itself, too. Somehow, it all works out...that's what I learned when I was out of commission for about a month with my surgery. Hang tough, sista!

Stacey said...

Ah, the swine flu. I hope you can enjoy the down time amidst all the symptoms.