Tuesday, November 3, 2009

warm fuzzies
this past General Conference for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, President Monson talked about warm fuzzies. well, he really talked about doing good to others and showed this picture of warm fuzzies that a primary gave him for his 82nd birthday. the past few days i have received a few warm fuzzies, and i feel so blessed.

at one point in my journey of life, i was able to chat with a dear lady. i was going through a hard time after being diagnosed with chronic fatigue; my body just wouldn't function as i wanted it to. this lady shared an idea to have an emotional first aide kit. she suggested gathering notes, reminders, etc. that you are loved. it has proven to be a great idea and as i have shared it with others, i've witnessed the great positive uplift these reminders can be.

that being said, please allow me to indulge:
  • i went to boston (obviously from my last post. i should probably finish my adventure story. but for now, let me just declare that i LOVE boston! as i flew out from the logan airport, i looked out the window and "knew" that i would be back. not sure about the time frame, but boston felt like home. AnYwAy, while in boston, i attended a LDS Single's Conference. there were many many positives from the conference. i met some great people and reunited with people i have loved from my past.
    we were divided into groups. we sat at tables in a large ballroom at the copley marriott hotel. i didn't know anyone (ended up that i actually knew 2 of the guys. random.). we had an assignment to work on together about 3 hours into our time together. after we worked for awhile, one of the guys and i walked out to grab something. as we walked, he told me that i had been his institute teacher at byu! he is now working on his master's degree in teaching in another state. but he said that he has only had one great institute teacher, and it was me!! he said he remembers a number of the lessons we did and that i taught during a particularly difficult time of life, but that things we did in class helped him in some very special ways. this incredibly impressive man then had tears well up in his eyes. he said, "if you ever feel like you aren't influencing people, know that you definitely are." he also said that he told his friends all about me when he saw me.
    talk about humbling and validating. wow.
  • today, i was called into the principal's office. through out my entire 12 years of public school, i was only called in the principal's office once - and i can't even remember why. i just remember the fear! the fear continues!! :( i am always so nervous that i have completely messed up. so, i was nervous again. ugh.
    we talked about a number of "housekeeping" topics. and then, my principal said he had been at a training at the Utah State Office of Education for trainings the day before our Fall break. they were reviewing the book, Six Types of Teachers. I guess one of the types, and the ideal type of teacher, is the "wow" teacher. as principals, they were asked to describe a wow teacher at their school.
    he shared about me. wow. wow. wow.
    i was so touched and humbled again and felt like maybe i'm not messing up too many things.
  • and, on sunday, i was able to spend the evening with kurt and jenn knight. i worked at efy with both of these wonderful people. kurt and i actually go back to freshman year. we were both hall president's for our resident halls and went to a conference in moscow, idaho (yes, there were cows directly next to the campus!). he and fernando were the only ones i remember being nice.
    kurt and jenn have been living in boston for the last few years. it was a joy to be with them and their adorable kids. we had wonderfully enriching conversations about a variety topics. it continues to amaze me that some of my richest and most fulfilling relationships stem from efy.

thanks for letting me share!! i hope that not only are you having days of warm fuzzies, but that we are people that are giving the warm fuzzies to those in our lives. :)

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Rebecca Snyder said...

wow pretty cool. what a week.