Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas in the City!!

talk about BeaUtiful!!
new york was a weekend of a life time. i am soooo sooooo sooo bugged that em and i don't have ONE single stinkin picture together!! ugh. ugh. ugh. but it must mean that i just wanted to be with her and enjoy the moments. next time, however, we will make up for it - BIG TIME. we just might make it a model shoot. get soo excited miss em - and dox seeing as he will most likely need to be our photographer!

 hooray for grand central station! (yes, we are both sporting our "adventure" hats)
remember that youtube video about the people that stood still for 5 minutes in grand central station??
i sooo wanted to it too!
 ct wanted to go to a venezuelan restaurant. it was pretty darn good! i loved the ModPogged tablecloths and since his hands were going to be in the picture, i invited ct to do a hand pose . . .
 new york wrapped up for Christmas - yes, those are trees wrapped up in wire on the bottom of the picture. and yes, that is a trailer santa is on top of. and yes, there was a bumper sticker the said i heart new york on the back of the trailer. love it.
 justin and ct have a fabulous friend amber who joined us for dinner. around the corner was a bakery she adored. we grabbed a few things and ate them while waiting for the subway . . . only in new york

the tree at the new york stock exchange - i was texting em - who yes, lives just behind the american stock exchange building (the one with rED lights) - to see which apartment she was in and completely missed this view that was off to my left. ct was slightly BUGGED since i was the one soo excited to see new york Christmas moments and i was too busy texting. oops!

 one dream was to walk around central park and see the ice skating rink. i haven't ever seen the parts of central park that everyone loves. so i headed up there, then ct and justin met me, and dox. after a bit, ct and justin matched up with other friends while dox and i continued the santa tour. uh huh. the santa tour!

 but first, the guys in central park . . .

 we were all so curious why there were so many santa's. dox decided we should probably just ask and find out. so we did. turns out it was a planned meeting for anyone to dress up like santa and drink!! hilarious!! we were awe-struck. dox and i at least were. we couldn't believe the creativity in the costumes and i couldn't believe that people put so much effort into costumes!

 yup, batman santa was by FAR my fav!!

 dox and i walked by the ice skating rink and almost saw big bird get in a fight with a santa!! it was crazy. the big bird guy yanked his costume's head off, and the top and tried to walk with the massive shoes to get the santa. wow!! nothing happened. 
 obviously, cookie monster didn't join in the fighting . . . 
my famous sisters have a BeAuTiFuL fabric line and it is sold HERE!! at purl soho! em and i tried to go visit the store, but who would have thought they would be closed at 6 on a saturday night?? not us! so i took pictures from outside.

 love the felt birds!!
 this is the METTLES - the Metro playing Beatles band. i heard them at the times square subway when i was heading to donny and marie (please, please no mocking. quite a story!!)

 sooo many pondering about who these people are, how they joined this motley crew and what their lives look like when then aren't entertaining the masses at times square subway!
 loved watching this grandpa enjoying them . .
 and this little danced and danced . . too cute

 late night stroll (with all of nyc) gazing at the tree and window display
i may have almost gotten lost trying to find the subway. thank goodness it's a grid system and people tend to be kind to the crazy mormon girl lost on streets trying to find her way back to em and dox's place!

 continuing the Christmas theme, i stopped at wilson's farms on monday and just HAD to take pictures of the beauty. people laughed at me (shocker) but i just couldn't and can't get enough of just how beautiful it is to see all the different greenery and berries! and i realized today that i will be home next week at this time!!! crazy!! i am soo excited to be home, but honestly amazed and excited that this boston-land really feels like a second home as well . . . hooray for boston!!