Sunday, January 24, 2010

latest happenings

i feel like i can hardly find time to breath right now. don't ask me why, i don't really know. a few options may be:

  • school is crazy. tomorrow is our first day of a new A-day/B-day schedule. our good principal has worked so hard to convince the board that the benefits of this schedule far out weigh the craziness of switching half way through the term. then, he and the secretary worked hours and hours to make schedules work. but, because it's all new, he asked that we get lesson plans done and have things organized. which i love. but don't do very often. so extra work. :) plus we have a field trip next week i am helping plan. there is never enough time to do all the things i want to do and think through.
  • liz. this hasn't been why i'm tired, but it sure makes me happy! liz started dancing last year and she amazes me! it blows my mind that she is sooo good. i have always loved dancing. in fact, i remember a byu devotional where the ballroom dance team danced and i just wept, i thought it was so beautiful. but to have my very own sister do such beautiful and graceful movements, i am overjoyed to be her cheerleader!!

  • trainer. i started with a personal trainer in the summer, paused, and have resumed with a new one starting the beginning of january. i really do love it. but, it takes time and energy when i don't always want to use time and energy to it. but, it's gotten me excited to do more on my own and have loved watching movies as i climb fake hills on the treadmill. 
  • speaking. my high school best buddy saw on facebook that i get to speak for efy and he suggested i come practice with his ward. he is  the young men president and kindly helped the young women president with a combined activity - i was the the activity. we planned it last monday at midnight and i spoke on wednesday. jeff shared some very kind and flattering compliments. girls, don't we love when people think we are beautiful?? jeff said that some advisors were shocked when they found out i was single. they thought i was beautful. if there are any men reading this, just know how much girls love hearing that. it made my year. 

  • chatting. i reconnected with a friend from high school. blessed facebook. we have been chatting lots and it's been fun. he came down this weekend from boise to play.

  • gospel essentials. i get to teach this class each week. and i love it. but it does drain me. this week, my left arm "died" because i was getting so stressed. i felt like there were too many things i needed to be doing and not enough time to even think the thoughts i needed to think. . . oh well. it's good for me, right??

that's all for now, i'm soooo going to bed!!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

too cool!

i found this address label and fell in love with it!!
i don't need one now, but when and if i need one, feel free to be looking for THIS!

oh, and i found out on friday, that i get to be an efy speaker!!

and, i have been invited to speak at BYU Women's Conference. whoa. i know! it's april 29th-30th. if you are in the area, i am sure i will need all the cheerleading possible. the thought of it makes me sick to my stomach.

here are a couple pictures that i never posted from december. a wedding dinner with the schroeder's (who were dying that i was so determined to take photos. i just had been realizing that i didn't have any pictures with them and i really like them, so that had to deal with it!). and the live nativity in alpine.


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

ELA middle party!

the faculty of the middle school got together to have a party! last friday, the 8th of january, we went to mr. lopez' beautiful home. AND he made homemade tamales for us!! holy cow. it was fun to meet spouses of co-workers and try not to talk about students! sometimes we tend to forget that we do have other lives - or at least we pretend we do!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

introducing . . ..

CaLvIn AaRoN WoOd!!!!

Born: Friday, January 8, 2010
Weight: 9lbs. 9oz.
Length: 20 inches


Monday, January 4, 2010

it's done!

i need to be asleep. i should have been asleep long ago.
but i my muscles are still relaxing. i think i have been tense all week. why? you kindly ask? ugh. i have been working on my harvard application. i don't even want to figure out how many hours i have spent writing and writing and rewriting. i don't want to figure out how many hours family and friends have spent reading and suggesting.  i am sure we have put in enough hours that we could earn an eagle scout project!

but, they are done. they have been submitted. and i can breathe.
i have no idea what i will do with my students tomorrow (okay, i have an idea). but, i don't really care. maybe i'll have them read my essays and practice a peer review! love it!

hooray. :)

Saturday, January 2, 2010

happy happy hanukkah! 
(oh wait, that would be dear senator hatch's greeting this year! if you haven't seen the connan o'brien clip, you soo want to!)

the snyder clan headed to austin for Christmas this year. it was grand. beyond grand. it was incredible. i would share all the details, but my sister melissa did an wowy-zowy job sharing. so you can read her version here.
i'll just add my pictures - from the brand new camera santa brought me!! - and add a few details. 

the last couple of people standing in their matching pj's is us playing the newest game addition to our family -  SEDARAHC! it was an instant favorite. it is CHARADES, but backwards. instead of you acting out a word and your team guessing, your team acts out the word and you guess. all of the awkwardness of standing there looking like a fool by yourself is eliminated! instead, we died laughing as we watched people's attempts to act out the words. it is a must buy!

happy happy Christmas! hope your holiday was as fun as ours!
love, em