Saturday, January 2, 2010

happy happy hanukkah! 
(oh wait, that would be dear senator hatch's greeting this year! if you haven't seen the connan o'brien clip, you soo want to!)

the snyder clan headed to austin for Christmas this year. it was grand. beyond grand. it was incredible. i would share all the details, but my sister melissa did an wowy-zowy job sharing. so you can read her version here.
i'll just add my pictures - from the brand new camera santa brought me!! - and add a few details. 

the last couple of people standing in their matching pj's is us playing the newest game addition to our family -  SEDARAHC! it was an instant favorite. it is CHARADES, but backwards. instead of you acting out a word and your team guessing, your team acts out the word and you guess. all of the awkwardness of standing there looking like a fool by yourself is eliminated! instead, we died laughing as we watched people's attempts to act out the words. it is a must buy!

happy happy Christmas! hope your holiday was as fun as ours!
love, em


Brian, Emily, & Charlie said...

So fun!!! And! That last picture of you took my breath away. I MISS YOU!!!!
We're coming for a super quick trip to Utah in January -- the 16th-19th -- and I would LOVE to see you, even if just for a quick get my fix, you know? :)

Angela said...

Looks like you guys had a ton of fun!!! Love the pictures of the family! And, that game... sedarahc sounds like fun! Happy New Year, Em! Thanks for being such a great example of JOY IN THE JOURNEY!!! Love you!

melimba said...

okay, you kill me! did you need to post the picture where lizzy is crying to mom b/c of some smart-alek-comment becca made!?

too funny!

good job on posting your OWN pictures! I'm so glad you have a camera again. I expect many great photos from you HERE ON OUT!

love you.
good luck with finishing that application!

eden said...

glad to hear sedarahc is fun. i know the guys who created it but have yet to try it.

(i took your institute class at BYU a while ago - that's how i came to stalk your blog. in case you're wondering.) (: