Sunday, January 17, 2010

too cool!

i found this address label and fell in love with it!!
i don't need one now, but when and if i need one, feel free to be looking for THIS!

oh, and i found out on friday, that i get to be an efy speaker!!

and, i have been invited to speak at BYU Women's Conference. whoa. i know! it's april 29th-30th. if you are in the area, i am sure i will need all the cheerleading possible. the thought of it makes me sick to my stomach.

here are a couple pictures that i never posted from december. a wedding dinner with the schroeder's (who were dying that i was so determined to take photos. i just had been realizing that i didn't have any pictures with them and i really like them, so that had to deal with it!). and the live nativity in alpine.



Brian, Emily, & Charlie said...

Oh my gosh.
Stop it.
Stop it right NOW!
Am I still allowed to be your friend now that you are famous? EFY?? Women's Conference?!! Do you KNOW how stinking AMAZING that is? Can I write the foreward in the book that you write that I am sure will be flying out of deseret book stores everywhere? Well okay, I'm no where near qualifiew for such an honor, but will you atleast autograph a copy for me? Or maybe just autograph my arm? Dang, i have always been proud to call you my friend, but now I proud and PROUD!!!!

Carrie said...

WOW!!!!!!!! Emily - You are seriously a ROCK! I've always thought you were just simply amazing, and now the world is going to know it all too!!! I want your autography also, PLEASE!!!

Congrats! Love ya!!

aaron said...

yea yea yea!
so proud!

and also, who did one of the schroeder girls marry? the one on the far left in the picture? I think I might know him!

anyway, i love you.
congrats on being so awesome.
i'm so lucky i get to be your sister.

Jenn -- said...

Isn't life fun! I'm sorry you a have a stomach ache. I hope you know that it wasn't entirely my fault. You are just that wonderful, we had to have you.