Saturday, February 6, 2010

school moments

lizzy didn't have school on friday - teach development day. so she came with me! she's come before and i love it! but we decided we need to consult about the lesson plans that day so that she gets to be involved with the teaching.

it was especially fun yesterday because she has helped me remember funny details that i would have otherwise forgotten.

  • gold stars - i found some that i had actually bought to be able to give to students. (if you know me, you know that i tend to say "gold star" quite often. i figured it would fun to actually have them to give.) my eighth graders crack me up. and yesterday, as we did out Friday mad-lib for grammar practice, the options were soo funny. i try to help the kids visualize what they are reading, so while doing mad-libs, we try to stretch our minds and imagine the scenes our crazy words have created. i ended up with students showing us how a pla-manatee would jump over paper, how to do deep nose bends, and exercise crazily. one student was so impressed with some of the actions, he announced that the pla-manatee deserved a gold star - - WHICH i just happened to have!! so i let him pass them out to the "performers" . . . he so selflessly gave himself FIVE gold stickers!! we joked that he looked like a general, and weren't quite sure he deserved to be one . . . yet!
  • in a 7th grade class, i have one student - in particular - who is very very quiet. he is a great student and a wonderful friend to others, but just very shy. during the suggesting of adjectives for mad-libs, the boy next to this quiet one, suggested the word, "jed-ish"! (jed is the quiet student) to which we all-of-a-sudden hear jed say, "YYYEEAAAHHH!" we were DYING!! mr. jed who rarely says a thing, and he pretty much whopped at the suggestion!!
  • this same jed suggested a word for a noun. he said, "floor". knowing what the mad-lib would be about, and thinking he had said, "sword", i suggested that sword would be better. one dear loud-mouth (whom i truly do think is a great kid, i tend to really like all my students) then commented under his breath, "no wonder jed never talks, you change what he says . . . "!!! talk about being called out and being put in my place!! i busted up laughing sooo hard - i think i even started crying, i was laughing soo hard- which almost never happens. 
too bad i don't have pictures . . . so sorry!!

but i am going to visit a friend in boise this upcoming weekend, so there will be pictures soon.  :)


Anie said...

I LOVE it!!! You make me laugh- I could totally picture this whole thing!! You are an AMAZING teacher!! Have fun in Boise!!! :)

Scoresbys said...

Looking forward to the pictures!

By the way, my word verification is MENTRUSE. So speaking of mad-libs. . .
MENTRUSE: adj. Describes a monthly feeling experienced by women including bloating, irritability, mood swings, and cravings.
I'm feeling mentruse, so I'm taking a book, a Coke, and some chocolate and I'm taking a bath. DON'T BOTHER ME!