Saturday, March 20, 2010

nose details

dearest becca and roommates of becca (whom i love and yet haven't seen for WaY too long . . . ), 

here is the story about the nose:
at my school, all the students are picked up by parents. there is no bus. thus, i have car pool duty in which i stand at a location and make sure kids and parents are being safe. my spot is at the end of the junior high building. there are lots of the crazy 7th and 8th graders that hang out and wait there. 

there is a lot of bark chips in a flower box next between the building and the sidewalk (not the wisest planning . . . like kids don't play in those, but whatever). we have been reminded to no allow students to play or walk through this bark chip area. seeing as i am where the punk semi-teenagers are (again, people whom i dearly love otherwise i wouldn't be there, but nonetheless, they are punks), it has almost become a joke. 

when one of the kids decides to walk through the chips, i promptly make them do "laps" up and down the 4 stairs to the door and back. on tuesday, one of my favorite students decided not only to walk through, but to kick bark everywhere. i made him do laps and then figure out how to clean it up. i told him to find a broom or something. i didn't think he would - i had never seen a broom. but, shockingly he found a broom and started cleaning up. 

i was standing on the sidewalk. when he finished, he raced up the stairs before i could make him do more. i told him to hand me the broom so i could. and just then, another student, to my left, asked me a question. i turned and was talking to the other student. the first student (unbeknown to me) hollered that he was going to throw the broom to me, and did. but, as i was turned and talking to a student, i had no idea what happened until everything went black and i covered my face with my hands. 

i didn't faint or pace out, but i couldn't open my eyes for a minute. everyone started freaking out and i felt liquid coming between my hands. the blood gushed and gushed and stained the sidewalk. when my friend, mrs. young - the science teacher and mother of two boys, came out, she had me sit down. blood went down my throat. kids ran to get ice and tissues. they were all soo good. 

it finally started slowing down and we went to the office to figure out a way to hold the ice on my nose while i drove. thus - the pictures. we had gauze wrapped around, but it didn't work, so i just held the ice and drove with my knee a bit while i called my mom and cried!!

she suggested i go to the doctor. so after 3 hours, we found out it wasn't broken, but i had some good drugs for the pain.

BUT the bruise is almost not-even noticeable!!!!!! ugh!!! what's the point of having soooo much pain, without having the black eyes to show it??? i was and obviously still, am very frustrated!! =)

love, me


Rebecca Snyder said...

oh my. that is terrible. I am way sorry. For the record- you probably shouldn't be asking for bruises.

melimba said...

umm, why did you address this post to becca and her room-mates?

and, that is QUITE the bandage.
so sad.

lo siento.

emily snyder said...

miss, becca left a message on my phone wondering what had happened, thus, it was addressed to the lovelies of her apartment. :)

no joke quite the bandage. too bad there isn't much of a black eye to show for it, but killer headaches when i blow my nose!

Laura said...

I called you last.week to find out what was wrong and got voicemail so thanks for the explanation. I am so sorry that you have so much pain. I will try to call you this weekend.

stephanie said...

wow that was beautiful. maybe the kids will stop playing with the bark . . . . or maybe it will be replaces by feathers.