Monday, March 1, 2010

sooo need to go to bed . ..

it's 10:55pm. mama told me to go to bed an hour ago. i am soo busted. 

but, as i was cleaning up my apartment, i was putting beautifully folded laundry that my wonderful mama folded for me (yes, i do my own laundry, but she was ultra kind and helped this weekend . . . ) and found a box in my laundry basket!!!

i was trying to remember what i had ordered. i knew something was coming later this week and there was an audible gasp when i realized that it may already have arrived!!

no, it wasn't some wonderful outfit. no, it wasn't a fun new book . . . it was . . . PENCILS!!!
forever ago, i saw in the oriental trading company catalog, pencils that you could custom order: you could write any message you wanted on them. as a teacher, i have oodles and oodles of pencils mysteriously disappearing all the time. i decided during my first or second year teaching (yes, i am in my 6th year teaching and that was with a 2 year pause!), that i needed pencils that said, "Stolen from Miss Snyder".  how great would that be?? a sting of conscious every time someone used the stolen pencil!! why i never did it is beyond me. 

but last week, i saw an oriental trading company catalog in the house. and i decided, this was it. it was time. so i ordered them that night!! i have been giddy with anticipation and tonight, THEY ARRIVED!! i can't wait to get to school with them!

anticipation has been great last week. not only was i awaiting the arrival of the pencils, but aaron, melissa, tillie, and baby calvin came this weekend! they came up for aaron's spring break and to bless calvin. the joy we experience when they are around can never be put into words. it is truly a "little bit of heaven" when they are here. 

and, last, but certainly not least, eric and his girls came down!!!!! holy cow. 2 weeks have never seemed longer (see the last blog entry).  eric left boise friday around 12:30 ish. he is such a good daddy. . . after a few potty stops, we met at the Alpine exit park and ride. I jumped in the car with them and we took the girls to his parent's home down in payson area. then we drove to meet my parents at the delicious Pizza Factory in lindon. talk about yummy and fun. i felt a little left out of things, because eric, and my parents all have cool glasses. i was tempted to get some after that dinner . . . 

eric came up to the house for a bit and then headed back down to his parents for the night. whoa. talk about a lot of driving. what a good man. 

saturday, i headed down to the davis' home. we went to breakfast at magleby's fresh - - talk about yummy again!! then eric and the girls and i went to jumpin jacks. eric's sister marie and her girls then joined us. very  very fun. soon, the big kids took over the toys and we were all ready for naps (yes all!!). so back to grandma's house we went. the big girls went to marie's to play and then the rest of us took naps all over grandma's big house. grandma made homemade scones for dinner and then we played games. sunday morning, eric made biscuits and gravy - authentic West Virginia style (his mission land . . . a place where there are biscuit and gravy restaurants . . who knew??). 

then, it was back to the other end of the valley to spend time with my fam. we went to church, and then had yummy soups at the house. we grabbed a family picture - haven't been together in almost a year and a half - and then over to the woods for the blessing. 

basically, it was a perfect perfect weekend . . .  sigh. :)

oh ps. spirit week was last week also . . . just a few fun things - basketball games (cheerleaders trying to teach me how to cheer for real), and the assembly . . .


mike|amanda|elle said...

1, what a fun weekend! love it!
2, how can I get one of those pencils? must I attend your class?:)
3, your hair is SO cute!
4, you are awesome. not that that is new news... i just thought I would remind you!

melimba said...

fun post! you are speedy these days at getting fun events up on this blog! GOOD WORK!
awesome pencils! great idea.
and i love all the fun pictures.
good work, em!!!!