Tuesday, March 16, 2010

stolen from becca's camera . . .

although i don't have the pics right now, i have a lovely black nose - and most likely an eye or two. a little mishap today after school produced a gushing of blood. the sidewalk at early light academy will be permanently stained with miss snyder's blood (although we told all the little kids walking by that it was jello!!).  i am sluffing the Relief Society meeting tonight - which makes me really sad - i so love being with my ward. they are some of the greatest and dearest friends i have ever known (and i'm sure there are a few ladies that would like some updates of my life). but alas, i am home just awaiting the moment i need to take the perxiset (like i have ANY idea how to spell that!) the doctor told me i would be needing at any second. hooray. 

while, i was waiting, i checked my email and noticed that on the home computer, there was an adorable picture of miss tillie mae. so i raided the computer to find some pics that becca took a few weekends ago. these include: melissa and becca's NEW FABRIC LINE!!!, the new house in st. george, calvin's blessing, stopping at grandma's and grandpa's after the first weekend in the st. george house (of which i wasn't there!! i raced back to alpine to teach gospel essentials! ugh), and then the precious babes!!

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Kris said...

Hope you are feeling better! Would love to see you when you come to Logan...you can call me at 435-563-0337 or email at mnkmonson@msn.com!