Thursday, April 29, 2010

women's conference: day 1

hmmm . . . i don't really know how to explain my feelings right now. 
i told my sister that it was overwhelming. and that's just the beginning. 
i was inspired, humbled, frustrated, impatient, humbled, in awe and awe and awe. and stumped. for some reason, it is being so very hard to gather thoughts and focus on focusing.  i am sure there are many reasons and factors to my state on heart and mind.  but nonetheless, i don't really know what to do. 

a few things that were celestial moments for me:
  • being with my mom. so many moment my eyes just leaked tears in gratitude that she is my mom. i know the Lord must love me because He allowed me to be with my mom. everything i am is based on and founded on what she gave and handed to me. 
  • being with the women i adore and cherish from the Relief Society building. again, humbled and amazed at how the Lord must love me because of the tender and precious and cherished women i have been able to associate with and attempt emulating. 
  • hearing and loving Sister Beck's words. she never ceases to amaze me. i love her family. i love their goodness and sincerity. i love how they support and sustain her. i love her strength and her pure reliance on the Lord. i feel that she trusts His power completely and has learned to appropriately call upon that power for His miracles. 
  • being with melissa - aka secretary in the offices. we were together for just a few precious moments, but they were cherished. i love her. and miss her dearly. 
 more to post tomorrow!!

Monday, April 26, 2010

byu women's conference

freaking out. procrastinating. wishing it was written. 
this is soo me right now. my toes are chilly, and but am being too lazy to get a blanket. thus, i have one foot tucked under the opposite knee. my right toe is nice and toasty while my left is freezing. 

the problem is that i know what i want to say, it's just finding the right resources to support my thoughts. somehow, saying things are from the book of emily may not cut it. i'm thinking scriptures and quotes from general authorities and officers are more appropriate . . . 

AND, because i am such a girl, i am also stressing an equal amount as what i am going to wear. thus, the dearest sisters are planning an ichat conference call for me try on things and they give their opinions - from provo and texas!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

my sisters!!

have you ever seen or read Little Women?? it is one of the snyder girls' favorite movies. it's basically our life - who knew Louisa May Alcott would know us so well?

the problem we have, however, is that the characters - meg, jo, beth, and amy - and us snyder girls don't line up exactly. we tend to have their characteristics all jumbled together. for example, jo is the adventurous one, but we all tend to have that. meg was the first to be married, so that would be melissa, but all of tend to be creative like amy. 

so what??
well, i got teary as i read comments about an interview about meliss and becc. the world's most know fabric blog did a highlight on their new fabric line and interviewed them via email. you can find it by going to melissa's blog or becca's blog (plus then you can read how fun my sisters are!!)

other news:
i bought a beautiful ring!! i found it with my mom about a month ago. one of my all-time favorite stores is the sundance outlet. the sundance store is in provo canyon, at the sundance resort - founded by robert redford. i get the catalog, and then about 6 months later, the things i love end up at the outlet store in sugarhouse (east side of salt lake city)!! then, i wait a few more weeks, and the items i love are on clearance - joy!

i was returning some things after i had picked mama snyder up from the airport. the jewelry counter is right as you walk into the store (and conveniently, right as you walk out!). i had already returned things, but mom and i started looking through the beauties found in the glass case. and we found this!!

it was a rather hard week last week, and i needed something to emotionally hold on to - we've all had those kinds of moments, right?? you know just what i was feeling. sometimes we need chocolate, sometimes we need ben and jerry's half baked (half chocolate, half vanilla with cookie dough bites, and brownie bites!!), or sometimes we need to buy something beautiful.

there are many reasons why i love this ring. when i look at it, i think of lots of things. one thing in particular, is that it's so me - well, the me i want to be.

and, i am just getting back from a wonderful weekend in st. george. it was just me and mom and dad. i don't know when that has happened before; that it was just us three. it was relaxing, and chill. we got into the hot-tube friday and saturday nights, dad and i went on a bike ride up into snow canyon, i went on a walk while reading, i read two books, we slept was past typical "getting up time", we took naps, we had a bbq and family party, we had yummy salmon with rice and steamed broccoli, i tried to figure out my life, i stressed about the upcoming BYU Women's Conference talk, i went shopping, we ate a ton of beautiful strawberries from costco, i cried because my sisters are going to be world famous and are the dream sisters, i drank yummy orange juice, had rice pudding with berries added, we watched a John Adams movie, and i didn't get ice cream! it was perfectly divine. and i can't wait to do it again!!

this the the man of the hour!! he was ordained a high priest today. talk about a good, good man - and he's my uncle!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

attention . . . i am making posters for classrooms. starting now! if  you have posters or signs you would like created for you classroom, or if you want to have me make a poster for a teacher you love, let me know! 

(the quotes are:
  • "don't fear making a mistake, fear failing to learn and moving forward"
  • "today a reader; tomorrow a leader"
  • "if you wait for inspiration, you are not a writer, but a waiter"
  • i am happy to do any quotes. i also have posters for the writing process, planners, daily schedules, etc. basically, anything you want, i would love to make!

these are some that are in my room and things i can/will do.

also, summer is just around the corner. i don't have dates and times totally figured out yet, but i will be teaching swimming lessons out of the snyder pool!! they will be private lessons; about 20-30 minutes a session, with about 4-5 sessions a week. i am trying to decide if it will be week long sessions, or if we will just do per day. i'll keep you posted.

(the stunning snyder pool!)
but, if you know anyone that needs to liven up their classrooms - or you need to, OR needs swimming lessons (young or old!) holler!!

Saturday, April 10, 2010


have i mentioned that i am the yearbook person for our school?? if not, let me mention it now. tah-dah!! i am in charge of the yearbook! i don't remember volunteering for it. but i seem to volunteer for lots of things, so i think someone just assumed i would.

although our school is k-8, we try to do as many things as we can to allow the middle school kids to feel separate from elementary. in this case, it means two different yearbooks. and yes, i get to create both. well, let me rephrase that, i am the advisor/teacher of the yearbook "class" (aka, i am making them). they are due on thursday. and the online program from the company we are using isn't working. and yes, i did read the instructions, and watch the tutorials. 

thus, i am up at 12:39 am friday night/saturday morning. with a headache from the program and various other things (i.e. a student finding and catching a bird at school and freaking me out with it. i screamed in shock. then i screamed to make them laugh, then i screamed in fear, and then i wanted to scream because my headache was already beyond pounding by 11:00 am). 

as i have uploaded oodles and oodles of pictures, i have found some from students that were fun, and remembered that i hadn't downloaded pictures from the logan weekend!

mary is one of those tender friends that i hold very near and dear to me. it's always right where we left off when we talk, and i am able to let my walls down. she married a guy we went to high school with - and whom we adored. they live in logan while jon is finishing his PhD. mary allowed me a moment to practice speaking. i went up friday, february 26th so that i could speak saturday morning. 

eric met me in logan :) we stayed at his brother and sister-in-law's home (also in logan, too cool) and then eric came to be my cheerleader as i spoke at mary's Relief Society meeting. he was a trooper because he was the lone man in a room full of girly, teary women - a trooper and very, very brave! 

then the four of us "Cavemen" went to dinner! it had been a long long time since i had been on a double date! eric and i stopped and said hello to "aunt kathy" before heading back south. "aunt kathy" is pretty much a real true aunt. when we lived in california (4th -9th grade for me) there were a few families that we celebrated thanksgiving and Christmas with every year. we created our own "extended family". through the years, kathy has always and continues to take care of us. she understands lots of things and is a very safe place. we had fun meeting and catching up with all the barber clan as they were gathered to play for the weekend. 

then eric and i just played for a few days - In and Out was at the top of the "to-do" list and yum . . . . that place has made so many people happy. 

maybe i'll need to swing by there later this week, if i don't have a nervous breakdown by the time this/these yearbooks are done!!

oh! and ps - one day when eric and i were at the mall, i ran into three of my 6th graders!! they are now 18 and 19 year old men, but they were 6th graders my first year teaching!! talk about a teacher's dream. i LOVE seeing MY kids!