Monday, April 12, 2010

attention . . . i am making posters for classrooms. starting now! if  you have posters or signs you would like created for you classroom, or if you want to have me make a poster for a teacher you love, let me know! 

(the quotes are:
  • "don't fear making a mistake, fear failing to learn and moving forward"
  • "today a reader; tomorrow a leader"
  • "if you wait for inspiration, you are not a writer, but a waiter"
  • i am happy to do any quotes. i also have posters for the writing process, planners, daily schedules, etc. basically, anything you want, i would love to make!

these are some that are in my room and things i can/will do.

also, summer is just around the corner. i don't have dates and times totally figured out yet, but i will be teaching swimming lessons out of the snyder pool!! they will be private lessons; about 20-30 minutes a session, with about 4-5 sessions a week. i am trying to decide if it will be week long sessions, or if we will just do per day. i'll keep you posted.

(the stunning snyder pool!)
but, if you know anyone that needs to liven up their classrooms - or you need to, OR needs swimming lessons (young or old!) holler!!


Heather said...

I really want my tots to take swimming lessons. How much would you charge for a 6 & 7 year old? They have never taken swimming lessons before. One of my kids is so excited. One is terrified of taking lessons. You can email me at happyfam {at}

Murmer said...

Em I have a two year old that I would love to have take lessons. Oh and I am amber I taught 1st grade at Geneva for two years in 05 to 07. You can email me at mamabyadoption at gmail dot com

melimba said...

love love love the poster ideas!
you go, girl!
if i had a classroom, you could bet that i'd be ordering up a TON. :)

love you.
good that you are doing swimming lessons again. you are the pro teacher. just remember to wear SUNSCREEN this summer!!!! :)

love you.

bryce and sarah said...

Hey cute girl! I want to know about your swimming lessons. Is three years-old old enough? Email me -

sarah said...

I so wish you were teaching swimming lessons this summer in the Page pool! Jimmy really needs them!

Scoresbys said...

I wish you were around when I was teaching. I would have had you do my favorite quote--"The limits of my language are the limits of my world." Love you.

katie and co. said...

The posters are amazing! What if I'm not a teacher but I want one anyway? :) I'm serious.

Anie said...

Wanna teach ME to swim?!?!? Also, my little sister is almost done with the El Ed program at BYU ID. I'm gonna show her your signs- I KNOW she'll LOVE them! YOu are AMAZING!!!! Oh, and we SO need to chat sometime. I'm moving next month- well, putting stuff into storage and spending the summer in CA. Spencer studying for the Bar and then trying to find a job! Oh, the fun- reminds me of the year I quit Geneva and moved to CA with no home and job. It all works out though- right!!? Anyway, I'm dying to come see you!!! Love you, miss you!!