Monday, April 26, 2010

byu women's conference

freaking out. procrastinating. wishing it was written. 
this is soo me right now. my toes are chilly, and but am being too lazy to get a blanket. thus, i have one foot tucked under the opposite knee. my right toe is nice and toasty while my left is freezing. 

the problem is that i know what i want to say, it's just finding the right resources to support my thoughts. somehow, saying things are from the book of emily may not cut it. i'm thinking scriptures and quotes from general authorities and officers are more appropriate . . . 

AND, because i am such a girl, i am also stressing an equal amount as what i am going to wear. thus, the dearest sisters are planning an ichat conference call for me try on things and they give their opinions - from provo and texas!


mike|amanda|elle said...

are you kidding me? i love the book of emily!

have i mentioned that i'll be in the front row with bells on? really. maybe a giant sign that says, "Go Emily! I'm your #1 fan!"

melimba said...

outfits? check.
you will look fabulous, and I know the message you present will be equally fabulous.

love you.
consider me SUPER proud of you and all that you are.