Thursday, April 29, 2010

women's conference: day 1

hmmm . . . i don't really know how to explain my feelings right now. 
i told my sister that it was overwhelming. and that's just the beginning. 
i was inspired, humbled, frustrated, impatient, humbled, in awe and awe and awe. and stumped. for some reason, it is being so very hard to gather thoughts and focus on focusing.  i am sure there are many reasons and factors to my state on heart and mind.  but nonetheless, i don't really know what to do. 

a few things that were celestial moments for me:
  • being with my mom. so many moment my eyes just leaked tears in gratitude that she is my mom. i know the Lord must love me because He allowed me to be with my mom. everything i am is based on and founded on what she gave and handed to me. 
  • being with the women i adore and cherish from the Relief Society building. again, humbled and amazed at how the Lord must love me because of the tender and precious and cherished women i have been able to associate with and attempt emulating. 
  • hearing and loving Sister Beck's words. she never ceases to amaze me. i love her family. i love their goodness and sincerity. i love how they support and sustain her. i love her strength and her pure reliance on the Lord. i feel that she trusts His power completely and has learned to appropriately call upon that power for His miracles. 
  • being with melissa - aka secretary in the offices. we were together for just a few precious moments, but they were cherished. i love her. and miss her dearly. 
 more to post tomorrow!!


melimba said...

love the pictures! you and mom look great!
i can't wait to hear how DAY 2 goes!!!
love you!!!

Brian, Emily, Charlie, and Lucy said...

Oh my gosh. Could you BE my hero anymore than you already are? Can I just say (in complete honesty), that I am overwhelmingly honored to even KNOW you, let alone call you my friend (and a dear, DEAR friend, at that - not that I'm good at showing it by like, keeping in touch, or anything friend-ish like that). Just know that I love you. And if I am ever lucky enough to live near you again, I will count myself beyond lucky. (Not to mention follow you around everywhere you go).
Good luck with the rest of the conference! I can't wait to hear how it goes!

Scoresbys said...

You look prettier than I've ever seen you. Including us in our denim shirts in front of my fireplace!