Thursday, May 20, 2010


one of the many perks of being at a small middle school is that we get to do some fun things. because we are our own district, we get to change things up as needed. half way through the year, we changed the schedule from 7 classes a day, to 4 classes a day and block schedule, adding an 8th period. 

this has been a "club" period. yearbook, electronic newsletter, debate, spanish, etc. we also have been able to use this period to have middle school assemblies - which has been pretty essential to separate us a bit from the elementary school. 

we have probably the BEST drama and music teachers the world has known! our drama teacher and one of her classes decided that we should do an entire school production of ThRiLLeR!

talk about too cool! we took one of our assembly times and the kids came dressed as zombies and dead creatures. two "lucky" teachers - yep, me and mrs. young - walked back into the hallway and ran away from the creepy, scary students who were out to haunt and scare us!!

syd and i are sure we are going to win an academy award - and the kids were beyond wonderful! they were obedient, and patient, and quiet - nothing less than a miracle. we'll see how it all turns out at the drama/choir show a week from tonight at ELA!!
as soon as we get a copy, i'll post. :)

Sunday, May 16, 2010

just some thoughts

this weekend, becca went to stay with miss in texas. can i just mention how much i like my family? 
i was able to take becca to the airport and we had a good, real talk as we drove. we are both going through some very similar experiences and it has been interesting to share thoughts and have one another fully understand.

i also "ran away" to heber!! very similar to texas! :) other than it's just moments away . . . and just up the beautiful provo canyon. i asked a friend if we could hike around provo canyon this summer - so you can be soo excited to see pics in the upcoming months. 

why heber you ask? because nik and molly live up there. molly and i met in a ward many many moons ago. she and nik started dating in the ward and we spent oodles of moments together. she is one of the treasured friends with whom time doesn't exist. months, days, or seconds can pass and it all feels the same. except, there was an evidence of time moving forward, they have an adorable little baby girl!! she and i became fast friends :) nik was on a scouting camp out, and so i slept over. molly and i talked and talked and talked. okay, honestly, she just let me talk. and when i would ask her questions, she still brought it back to me and let me talk and talk some more. typically i would feel awful for being the conversation hog. but that is why i love her - it's okay that i needed a turn. and there will be moments when she needs a turn. and then there will be moments that neither one of us needs a turn and we can just be. i am soo blessed to have her. AND that she married a guy who is so great too. did i mention that nik built his home?? who does that?!?! nik. that is who. 

i also got to be apart of celebrating the birth of lizzy! this week was her birthday! we have a sisters tradition to make and put signs out on the floor with loves notes on them. after following a melissa chalk tradition, i wrote 14 things i love about lizzy. she is one incredible young lady and becomes more incredible as she grows. if you didn't know, she is a dancer. we LOVE the movie step-up. and so i got her step-up 2. we weren't able to watch it until saturday night at 11:00 pm!! but don't worry, we stayed up to watch!!

and finally (at least for tonight), i am grateful to be the Gospel Essentials teacher. i learn so much and i love to gather thoughts from others. today, a number of people shared some thoughts - very sweet and tender ones. i am sooo lucky to learn from the people i love.

Monday, May 10, 2010

sooo great!

i have been working on writing educational quotes. i LOVE it! i love doing fun things with words and making them exciting. i turned on the final scene from "never been kissed" while i worked on things tonight (after an 1:45 hour long walk, in the RAIN!! talk about liberating to be okay to get all wet. feel free to ask becca about our singin' in the rain moment in china many moons ago!).

i remember watching this movie years and years ago with an apartment of girlfriends. i think a couple of us had recently broken up with someone.  when, in the final scene - after fast-forwarding some scenes through the movie - the cute guy from Alias comes and bee-lines it for her on the pitching mound, we were in heaven! i think we repeated that scene a dozen times!! :)

tonight, i just repeated it once. ;-) love it. it's a good "note-to-self" for guys wanting to sweep a girl off her feet.

hmmm . . . :)

Sunday, May 2, 2010

women's conference: day 2

whoa mama. talk about nerves. talk about anticipation. this was the day i was to speak. a friend told me later that day that i am the youngest person she has ever heard of presenting. hmm . . . don't know how i feel about that, BUT i feel amazed at my incredible group of cheerleaders. wow. talk about feeling loved and supported. 

kathy aiken, from ksl news, was who i spoke with. we had so much fun before hand, getting to know each other and sending lots and lots of emails back and forth. i have been tempted to cut my hair shorter since i spent time with her. we'll see!

let me share some of who was able to come: 
  • ward family/aka my other moms: jana, laurel, kathryn, carolyn, suzette, kayla, karen, rosemary, alice, eric's mom - cheryl, and jayme.  let's be honest, all that i know about mothers is from these women!
  • family: grandma, mom, becca, and miss (via video recording we did). dad was going to come, but wasn't sure how he felt about being the GUY at women's conference - very, very understandable!
  • friends: MOLLY, sharon and em dear efy friends, courtney, melissa and amanda from the young women offices and amanda's mom, kelly - who is part family as she is becca's roommate, annette, and kyle.
  • school: andrew's mom and matt's mom, mrs. ogden
a number of other women came to chat with me after the talks. two in particular were very very gracious with their compliments. all-in-all, it was a wonderful experience. i learned a lot, and practiced putting my thoughts into words in a very different way.

kind friends that weren't able to attend have asked for a copy of my talk. hmm . . . i would love one too! i am not so good at writing talks. maybe it's because of the many lessons i have taught, but i ended up just using an outline. i have a goal to transcribe from the video so that i actually have a talk of what i said. when i do that, i will post it. until then, happy pictures. :)