Monday, May 10, 2010

sooo great!

i have been working on writing educational quotes. i LOVE it! i love doing fun things with words and making them exciting. i turned on the final scene from "never been kissed" while i worked on things tonight (after an 1:45 hour long walk, in the RAIN!! talk about liberating to be okay to get all wet. feel free to ask becca about our singin' in the rain moment in china many moons ago!).

i remember watching this movie years and years ago with an apartment of girlfriends. i think a couple of us had recently broken up with someone.  when, in the final scene - after fast-forwarding some scenes through the movie - the cute guy from Alias comes and bee-lines it for her on the pitching mound, we were in heaven! i think we repeated that scene a dozen times!! :)

tonight, i just repeated it once. ;-) love it. it's a good "note-to-self" for guys wanting to sweep a girl off her feet.

hmmm . . . :)

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