Thursday, May 20, 2010


one of the many perks of being at a small middle school is that we get to do some fun things. because we are our own district, we get to change things up as needed. half way through the year, we changed the schedule from 7 classes a day, to 4 classes a day and block schedule, adding an 8th period. 

this has been a "club" period. yearbook, electronic newsletter, debate, spanish, etc. we also have been able to use this period to have middle school assemblies - which has been pretty essential to separate us a bit from the elementary school. 

we have probably the BEST drama and music teachers the world has known! our drama teacher and one of her classes decided that we should do an entire school production of ThRiLLeR!

talk about too cool! we took one of our assembly times and the kids came dressed as zombies and dead creatures. two "lucky" teachers - yep, me and mrs. young - walked back into the hallway and ran away from the creepy, scary students who were out to haunt and scare us!!

syd and i are sure we are going to win an academy award - and the kids were beyond wonderful! they were obedient, and patient, and quiet - nothing less than a miracle. we'll see how it all turns out at the drama/choir show a week from tonight at ELA!!
as soon as we get a copy, i'll post. :)

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Kim and Tony Miller said...

love it! you really need to add the video so we can all watch you!!