Sunday, May 2, 2010

women's conference: day 2

whoa mama. talk about nerves. talk about anticipation. this was the day i was to speak. a friend told me later that day that i am the youngest person she has ever heard of presenting. hmm . . . don't know how i feel about that, BUT i feel amazed at my incredible group of cheerleaders. wow. talk about feeling loved and supported. 

kathy aiken, from ksl news, was who i spoke with. we had so much fun before hand, getting to know each other and sending lots and lots of emails back and forth. i have been tempted to cut my hair shorter since i spent time with her. we'll see!

let me share some of who was able to come: 
  • ward family/aka my other moms: jana, laurel, kathryn, carolyn, suzette, kayla, karen, rosemary, alice, eric's mom - cheryl, and jayme.  let's be honest, all that i know about mothers is from these women!
  • family: grandma, mom, becca, and miss (via video recording we did). dad was going to come, but wasn't sure how he felt about being the GUY at women's conference - very, very understandable!
  • friends: MOLLY, sharon and em dear efy friends, courtney, melissa and amanda from the young women offices and amanda's mom, kelly - who is part family as she is becca's roommate, annette, and kyle.
  • school: andrew's mom and matt's mom, mrs. ogden
a number of other women came to chat with me after the talks. two in particular were very very gracious with their compliments. all-in-all, it was a wonderful experience. i learned a lot, and practiced putting my thoughts into words in a very different way.

kind friends that weren't able to attend have asked for a copy of my talk. hmm . . . i would love one too! i am not so good at writing talks. maybe it's because of the many lessons i have taught, but i ended up just using an outline. i have a goal to transcribe from the video so that i actually have a talk of what i said. when i do that, i will post it. until then, happy pictures. :)



Kris said...

I am sure you were fabulous! Wish I could have been there. Your nerves sound just like mine a few days before a marathon. It's all worth it though, isn't it?

katie and co. said...


What an awesome opportunity.

Can't wait for the transcription.

The Nash's said...

Hey Emily- Wish I knew you were speaking at women's conference! Congrats.I am sure you did awesome, just because I know that you are fabulous! I also just happened to be blog hopping and noticed that you are teaching swim lessons??!! I have a 3 1/2 year old that I want to do swim lessons for. do you teach them that young? I was just asking my mom to ask around in the alpine ward to see if anyone taught up there. Let me know info please, please :)

Kim and Tony Miller said...

Sounds like an amazing experience for you to go through, I wish I could have been there to hear you speak!