Saturday, June 26, 2010

"oh what do you do in the summer time . . . ??"

if you are me, you:
  • finally sleep. the blood-shot eyes still won't go away though. the eye doctor that is on the curriculum committee with me, asked why my eyes were so red. i suggested i wanted more sleep?? i don't think he was satisfied with my answer.
  • weed!! i already know i am weird. duh. but i think i have realized just to what level. i really love weeding. i don't love my back hurting. but, i love the rhythm while i work, satisfaction when i look at what i have accomplished, and getting dirty. i have thought of various life lessons i have learned and that can be demonstrated through weeding. love it! i have even started singing along with my ipod while i work. i bet the neighbors love it!!
  • youth talks. in preparation for efy at the beginning of august (yes, during my birthday! i think i can kind of excited :)), i have been speaking at a few youth gatherings. last week was a girls camp in kamas. last night i shared some thoughts about conversion with youth from Oregon. this sunday, i get to be with my ward - young men and young women. hooray!!
  • lake powell! becca and i baked and cooked all afternoon getting some things ready. caramel brownies. rice krispy treats. chocolate chip cookies. fajita meat seasoned and cooked. kitchen cleaned. OOHH, it's going to be so good. we haven't gone to powell with the wheadon's for a long long time. we are soo excited!
  • re-decorating my room. i have a beautiful new white bedspread. and white pillows. i bought a white slipcover for my red couch and am going to make pillow cases for the couch pillows out of a lovely white fabric, with white cursive lettering!! DREAM. i have also created a stitchery for a pillow as well. i'll work on those picture things. i sooo don't like it when people write about things they could and should have a picture about. so sorry!
  • figuring out life. love it. where am i going? what do i want to do? what are my 5 year goals? if you have any answers or suggestions about my life, i'm ALL ears!!

until then, i'm off to bed!


Brooke said...

What a fun summer! :) I think you need to add lunch or something fun with me to your list. :)

Word Diva said...

Em! Sounds familiar. I spoke at girls camp last week with my mom on "Happily Ever After" and what that means in the gospel. I talked about defining ourselves by what we are and not by what we are not or don't have. Next week is Youth Conference. I just made 14 Liahonas for the compass course. It is amazing what you can do with Styrofoam balls, gold pain and a glue gun. :)Got your blog comment. Longer email coming. :)