Tuesday, June 1, 2010


a couple thoughts about the wolverine:
  • hugh jackman is great.
  • and i am going to be one. 

i am pretty pumped that green has been my favorite color for many many many years. because i will be bleeding green for the next two years! why you ask?? i will be beginning a master's degree at UVU asap!

the program officially begins on the 7th, but i am still teaching until the 15th. so first thing - literally, 7:45am - on the 16th, i will become an official wolverine. HOORAY!! i will be studying models of instruction and basically learning how to teach teachers. i have lots and lots of dreams and goals along these lines. and i am thrilled that the program works around teaching life so that i can actually be the teacher i really am the next few years (it's been a HaRd adjustment into jr. high. it's sooo different than 6th. especially when i don't have shelley.  next year will be sooo much better! i know what to do and what not to do. )

i have always been massively impressed with the student teachers and cohort students we had at geneva that were from UVU. it's fun to think that i have explored the entire spectrum of schools - ivy league to local - and feel really good about UVU. 

things happened soo soo fast that part of me wonders if the heavens helped and had things orchestrated all along: two weeks ago i had one of those huge, life-altering, life-defining moments. of course lots and lots of tears were involved. and thankfully, a best friend was there to listen and catch them - and run into coldstone and borrow a large handful of napkins for tissues for me (THAT is a true friend if you ask me!). the next morning, i was in bed pondering where i really want to be right now. i realized and was honest with myself and admitted that i am not ready, emotionally, to leave family - at least the state. i need to be close for a bit to heal some more. 

so i started looking at all the master's programs at the utah schools. nothing was fitting. i finally looked at a list of education programs all over the country. on the list of programs in utah, there was UVU. i had totally forgotten about the wonderful wolverines! so, i hopefully started looking around their site and programs. the models of instruction program was PERFECT!! thus, right then, i applied!!! who does that?? me. what a dork!

i was over 2 months late with my application so i figured it was an early start for next year. there was a bit of hope that maybe someone would drop out and i could start asap. but i didn't even look up to see when classes started, what tuition was, etc. 

thus, imagine my complete and excited surprise to receive an email on TUESDAY (just 3.5 days later) saying there were openings and i could start june 7th!! the adviser has been soo great to work with in getting things in line. 

needlesstosay, i am going to be very proud to be green!! :) GOOO WOLVERINES!


Brooke said...

Congrats Em! I am excited that it all worked out so well for you. I hope you enjoy being a Wolverine. :)

Rebecca Snyder said...

alright! go uvu!

Erica said...

That is so awesome, Em. I'm glad you're staying close. :) There's got to be a reason for all of this. I know there is! :)

Angela said...

Right on! Congratulations on your decision, Em! Go Wolverines! :)