Tuesday, July 27, 2010


so i was with some of my dearest girl friends last night. it was a catch-up night. in which we all realized that we need to be better communicators via blogs so that there aren't so many missing pieces.

for example, miss needed to explain why she was going to girls' camp - - she forgot to post on her blog that she was called to be the Young Women president! such a minor detail. but, i was informed that i haven't clearly stated that i am not going, nor did i begin at UVU. by the time school ended for the year and i was suppose to start classes as a wolverine, i was wasted. i realized just how zapped i was from the school year. so, i didn't even begin. 

which has been a blessing. because in case i didn't clarify, i am moving to BOSTON!! why? because i want to!! =)
okay, i do feel like i am being very guided and directed and that this is the best place for me to be right now. the relationship i was in a few months ago didn't work out, i have been living with my parents for lots longer than a year (which i am very okay to come back to! just fyi, i did pay full rent, just maybe helped eat their food . . . ;-) ), so, i'm feeling like it's time for an adventure!!

it's been about 4 years since my adventure out to new york to work at Girls Quest, and then had the cancer summer. so, it's time to attempt something grand again - and hope and pray another crazy health thing doesn't happen!

my mom and i are are leaving on august 17th. we are driving my car out and then she will fly home. it seems like that is plenty of time . . . HAHA!! it would be if i wasn't leaving on monday (my 32nd birthday!!!) to fly to san antonio to speak at efy. i am with the kids until wednesday afternoon. then my sis melissa is coming to get me (remember how she lives in san antonio?? i know, i am sooo lucky!!) and i get to play with her and her family until the night of the 12th. on friday, the 13th, it's lizzy's dance recital (free at the Covey Center in provo if you wanted to stop by). saturday is alpine days and a swim party for any friends that can stop by so i can give them a hug good-bye. sunday is the last time i get to teach my favorite gospel essentials class. and then that evening, as the ward family is out on our sunday strolls, we'll have popsicles at the holding pond.

monday, the 16th is dad's company work party at our house, which we cater. and then we will drop lizzy off at the airport bright and early on the 17th and keep driving east!!!

so everything needs to be ready to go by this friday!! ugh. stressing. but soooo excited!!!

hope that clarifies my world. =)

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Valerie said...

I hope it doesn't seem weird to you that I sometimes check in on you via your blog (which I access through Susie's). I love reading about your goings on as well as hearing bits and pieces about your family. I just wanted to wish you good luck in Boston. Do you remember that Susie attended Boston University? She LOVED living there, still talks about it, and has been back to visit. I hope you love it as well and that your adventure there turns out to be a great one!