Sunday, July 4, 2010

findings . . .

i found a few photos from back in the day - dear alpine jr. miss days!
the beautiful white heels. the stunning pink dress. although no puffed sleeves. :) and then, my attempt at a talent while singing "whenever i feel afraid" from the king and i. tragically, however, i can't whistle (which is needed in the song) so i brought out a kazoo and thoroughly enjoyed wearing a hoop skirt!

such were the memories and the glorious days of high school life.  still wondering what that talent of mine should have been . . . maybe making brownies like we had originally thought??


melimba said...

ahhh... the memories of the infamous hoop skirt and kazoo... :)

I just showed aaron these photos and we thought it was funny that you and stephanie were right next to each other in both shots.

Who knew all these years later your siblings would get together?

Anyway, I love the trip back memory lane. YOu should do that with more of your lovely photos. Agreed. Indeed.


Rebecca Snyder said...


Scoresbys said...

Burn them. Burn them now!