Friday, July 16, 2010

"happy july 16th", becca cheerfully shouted from the car window . . .

we may have gotten a little hyper. maybe it was the heat. maybe it was the wonderful singing of the mo tab (betehema and the choir's perfectly in-sync dancing). maybe it was just because it was us girls. whatever it was, after the Tabernacle Choir Pioneer Celebration tonight, while getting drinks on 1L in the parking garage, becca and sarah and kelly and sarah jane all started singing "Go go go Joseph".

yes people were still coming down into the parking garage. but, it didn't matter. the singing took over. and stayed as we drove down state street - windows down - volume at max. i am sure we entertained hundreds of people. and we were even recorded by the visitor with the video camera!

before all this, however, we captured. mostly kyle kindly captured for us.
we grabbed jimmy johns and ate our sandwiches on the plaza of temple square. it was lovely. then partook of dear lizzy cupcakes. walked to the south visitor's center to see the incredible cut-out of the Salt Lake Temple. and then off to the show. it was incredible. did i mention that? who knew that the mo tab has basically been at the cutting edge of all musical recording - ever!! moments like this i think, of COURSE the Church is true. 

it was fun to have kyle around . . he and i have had lots of lunch discussions on temple square. we took these to remember that we were friends once upon a time. this one in the window was where we had a very not fun discussion. it got pretty heated. just wanted to have a reminder that we still smile and like our friendship even after no fun discussions. :)  i think that's when you know you have a treasured friend. 

i think you know you have treasured friends when they sing and dance with you at the top of their lungs driving down state street. yup, i love that becca lets me tag-along with her and her friends, cuzz i like them. a lot.


Rebecca Snyder said...

great post. and oh so quick.

collette crew said...

I love those yellow shoes too (thanks!)- you need some! I got them at nordstroms maybe three months ago. they are the Miz Mooz brand. I had to special order the yellow ones- and they had a cute black pair and red. after breaking them in- they are so very comfortable. hope life is good for you! thanks for reading my blog :)

Carrie said...

I love seeing pictures of Kyle. I love seeing pictures of you. I love seeing your smile. You're gorgeous!