Sunday, July 11, 2010

i love this church


i was browsing around on as i prepared my lesson for tomorrow (let's not mention that it's 1:00 AM). since i have this great love for Relief Society and the work that Sister Beck, Sister Allred, and Sister Thompson, and their board do, i tend to check the Relief Society page rather frequently.  and i found this beautiful graphic. i love it! i love the simplicity of the "faith. family. relief" wow. perfect. beautiful. pure. poignant. to the point. that is what we are lds women are ALL about: faith. family. relief. mmmm . . . i wish i could express the deep feelings i am having right now. but, essentially, it's something like, "dang, this gospel and it's goodness and it's church blow me away. how am i so lucky to know it and love it and want to be more firmly and deeply converted?"

tomorrow i get to teach about talents from the Gospel Essentials manual. beautiful manual. i have heard of people that are giving these to friends that are interested in the church. it's simple and straightforward and explains who we are as those striving to be latter-day Saints. 

okay, i'll either go back to the lesson, or to bed . . . not sure which one . . . 

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Brian, Emily, Charlie, and Lucy said...

You amaze me. Constantly. I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU!