Wednesday, July 14, 2010

updates from the past little while

a couple fun things from the last few weeks:

30th wedding anniversary for dan and shelley!! em did an incredible job of organizing everything. it was a ward party for dan's byu married ward too.

then, just days later (after a crazy sunday in which i taught a combined gospel essentials and gospel doctrine lesson and then ran to teach a combined young men/young women lesson in the chapel! i asked to do the young men/young women lesson so that i could practice for efy which will be the fist week of august. turned a little crazy of a day. BUT, seeing as it is my incredible ward, it was a wonderful day. ), we headed to lake powell!

we went with a family we hadn't been with for years. we soo love them and it was a wonderful vacation. lots of sun, lots of water, lots of talking, lots of food.  yes, that was a real sunset. talk about stunning. becca and lizzy and i also did lots of reading. i think i read two and a half books. liz went and raided my apartment and found about 10 books she wanted to read (i was sooo excited!!!!), and becca has been on a malcom gladwell kick and finished one of his and started another.

speaking of tipping point, i had a changing point after lake powell. i had been doing lots of thinking and pondering and self-analysis. lake powell helped lots too with oodles of time to really just be (another topic for another day: the necessity of just being). and i decided to leave my teaching job and move to boston!! whoa. mama. huge deal. 

i don't have a job yet. so if you know anyone that needs me to so anything in the boston area, holller!! i have a wonderful place to stay in lexington (just moments away from the boston temple). if i don't find a job within a few months, i'll come back home and substitute, etc. both options are very very okay with me. i feel like what is suppose to happen will happen. the entire thinking process has been hard as i have thought about the hundreds of students and teachers and parents i will dearly miss at early light. but i know that i need to follow my gut/heart. thank GOODNESS facebook and email allows for instant communication to keep in touch with all those i adore.  (this means i am hoping and expecting my students to write!!)

a few months ago, i was needing an uplift. usually at these times, i go on a shopping spree - creating a bit of a new image. :) this time, i did a bedding new image. my mom was buying new quilts and bedding for st. george and i feel in love with an all white quilt and pillow cases. so, the re-doing of my apartment began. 

my mom and i made a quilt for me the summer of cancer. i've had a beautiful black, red and green (proimse it didn't look Christmasy) since 2006. i have LOVED it!! i have now rearranged the apartment and bought a white slip cover for my red couch. i wanted to cover the pillows and make a new nap "blankey". so when mom, becca, and i headed to the bear lake quilt retreat this past sunday, i knew exactly what i wanted to do!

it was sooo fun! we worked until 1 or 2 am each day. we talked and talked. ate and ate. and created and created! remember how my sisters have the fabulously beautiful fabric of rainy days and mondays?? mom's goal was to make miss tillie mae her first "big girl bed" quilts out of it! a beautiful strip quilt and a fabulous nap quilt!!

the stakes have been raised, however, at the retreat. because jayme and wendy used the snyder girl's fabric and made us bags!!
this is wendy, the host, poising with her TOAST apron! she is sooo good to us! part of the tradition is getting shakes at La Bode's (have no idea if i spelled that right. but Ryan's Special is lizzy's favorite flavor ever, and the raspberry's fresh and make the most divine shakes!!). becca made kim bradshaw's caramel brownies and we she figured we needed to have them WITH our shakes. yum yum yum!!

becca - as the designer - was requested to sign quilt blocks. she went over the top and stitched on them! she also went pendant crazy and decided that making headbands will be her future. :) my nap quilt is going to be backed with the cuddly MINKEY!! the pillows i made have cute cursive letters on the white fabric. thus, the close ups. :)

okay, if you lasted through all of this, you will the grand prize of being my favorite friend. but if you are like me and just looked through the pictures, then you are a heart mate friend! regardless, come visit me - or find me a job!!! - in BOSTON!!!!


Kate said...

Uhhh, missy?! I just saw the link to this on FB and wanted to find out about your life. BOSTON?!?! That is one of the most beautiful cities ever! How I love it. Maybe one day I'll join you out there! Isn't it interesting to find out where you'll land? Congrats on making such a decision! Love your guts!

KJP said...

YEAH! HOW exciting! BOSTON!!!!! I am so excited for you! You will have a GREAT time! PLEASE keep in touch! Have you left, when do you leave? Love ya! kristin

Kirsti said...

Congratulations, Emily! That's a big move you're making, but it sounds like you're going to have a great adventure ahead of you. Good luck with everything!

Carrie said...

Boston sounds fabulous. I'm so excited for you.

The weekend in bear lake doing all that sewing sounds divine. Love your white material with the lettering on it.

I'm seriously craving a Lebeau's raspberry shake now... and those rolls looked heavenly!

I can't wait to keep up on the big changes coming in your life! Love ya!

melimba said...

what a great post, girl!
that is AWESOME!!
i love all the pictures! and the sneak peaks at Tillie's new bedroom! NICE!!!

Did it take you forever to load all the pictures?! I'm so impressed!

Good job! looks like it's been mighty fun these last few weeks!!

love you!

Layne Bushell said...

I didn't realize the Boston thing was a recent decision like days prior to the retreat! So glad you came. I love you and your family. I feel like I've known ya'll forever!

Word Diva said...

Wow, Em. That Liahona of yours has been working overtime. Soak up Boston life for me and blog and blog. Remember that Esther is out there on the east coast, if you need anything I will send her to you. How about an email chat about the Boston adventure.

Hoggey Bears said...

I am so jealous of your quilting retreat! Looks so fun! Congrats on your exciting decision :)