Sunday, August 29, 2010

viva italia!

dear st. anthony:

i don't know who you are. i don't know why you are a saint. but i am grateful for you. i am grateful that there is a festival to honor and express gratitude for you. because in boston, the italians have made your festival divine!

and when i say divine, i truly mean divine. pizza, caramel apples (yes, i made friends with the people at the stand and figured out what other festivals they will be at), and just watching. i met new friends at a party after i attended your festival friday night. i told them how wonderful your celebration was and we headed back on saturday and loved the dancing in the streets!

love, emily

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

boston or bust!

sooo i am here!! living in boston. crazy. totally crazy. 
i get, now, why melissa does the "catch-up" game with her blog. not for any of us readers, but so that she has a log of her life.  i have lots of things to catch up on, but today was my first "boston" feeling day, that i have to do it first. 

these pictures were taken tonight. my friend introduced me to a more documentary movie theater and i made him take a picture of my boots! :) he hadn't been to the theater either - he loves a similar one in chicago - and i asked if he wanted me to take his picture commemorating his first night!! this is him saying no thanks and i lovingly "patting" his cheek because he was being such a guy about it!! (which honestly, as a girly girl, i had to ask if he wanted a picture and i was grateful he was a total guy and said no way jose!)

back to the story:
it has been raining since sunday. in my world, it's a perfectly lovely thing. i love the fall. it's the best time of the year if you ask me. so to have it raining and feeling like fall my first few moments here feels like a gift from heaven (literally!). i found some lovely and on clearance rain boots at target (yes, the one i went to right after i took mom to the airport on monday morning. thus, all the target employees saw my crying red eyes. and some may have heard me crying to mom on the phone. and yes, i was in target for 2 1/2 hours - just because i could.). they are bright pink with white polka dots. soo cute and soo fun. if the rain keeps up, i may have to find a cheap rain coat with hoodie too. this umbrella business is not my cup of tea.

today i wore my fabulous boots to work. kind of sad that i work with just one guy and he wasn't there today, so no one appreciated my boots. but, i sure did! after work, i went to the arlington farmer's market. it was a mile from work (which just so happens to be 1.5 miles away from where i am living. heaven, i know!). it was misty raining. they have the market every wednesday from june to october rain or shine. lexington, where i live, has theirs on tuesdays. yes, i will be going to that one next week.

i knew that becca would have been in paradise. a lady behind me started talking about the sauce they were going to make with capers and the tomatoes to go over their gnacci (??). i missed becca so much. it got worse as i walked to my car and saw a sign for an art show that was open. of course i had to go. becca attend the gallery stroll in provo on fridays. this artist was sitting there in a little one-room gallery. AE Irvine. i was in awe of so many of her paintings. i walked out and instantly called becca to tell her. blast. where are my sisters??! (don't worry, whit, i'm not cyring. just longing.)

if you follow the hunger games series, you know that the third book came out yesterday!! although i can't really remember what happened in the 2nd one (sometimes i read too fast and forget way too much), i started reading late last night. stupid. so after the gallery, i was strolling around and found a starbucks that just happened to have a perfect-for-reading arm chair. of course i had to go in! i sat down and started reading. can life get any better?? i think not!!

oh wait, maybe just a little. 
there happened to be another arm chair next to me. a guy with a greasy cowboy hat walked in. i think he was looking at me for a bit and decided to come sit. i did the practiced, "i'm not going to really acknowledge you" attitude. i think everyone of my family members and closest friends has reminded me in the last 2 weeks, that i am not in utah anymore. i can't smile and be nice to everyone i see. this was a prime example. mr. cowboy guy started trying to make small talk. nice lines like: you look like you have been in movies. like a model. you just have that look. how tragic that all girls would love to hear those words . . . just not from greasy cowboy man who - as i heard him tell me although i pretended i was very very focused on my, which i wanted to be, but couldn't be because he was talking - goes to concerts and sings his heart out like "they" tell you to do and watches lots of movies. as he said this, he decided i looked like the girl from 16 candles. i don't know how i feel about that.

i'm just going to forget about weird cowboy man - oh, he did ask my name and i was really into my book then too. i called miss and she said i need to have a fake name, number, and story ready to go at a moment's notice. we decided eva is the name. i have a bag with a giant E on it (thanks to the grand gift-giver melissa chalk) and needed a name with an E. but, need some good stories to tell the next cowboy guy. any suggestions??

happy boston!!! :)

Sunday, August 1, 2010

mission moments

the fact that i am cleaning out and going through almost everything i own, has led me on a bit of a scavenger hunt. i have found so many random things. go figure!

thus, i figured i'd illustrate just how great my family is: while i was on my mission, for a zone conference, the assistants asked our parents to send us special letters. my family, being the crazies that they are, decided to act out their interpretations of the stories i had been telling them. they sent pictures of their "acting". while all the other missionaries in the petro area were crying as they read their letters, i was laughing (if you know me at all, you know that it was really a combination of laughter and tears. :) ). 

my companion and i had taken fruit to our neighbors to get to know them; we taught a lesson about how everyone, regardless of bumps and bruises or perfect outer peels, are all children of God (used an apple and cut it horizontally); teaching a "russian" (thanks dad for the distinguishing hat!), and teaching english. i think becca is suppose to be a russian babooshka; and the famous showing pictures to people while trying to contact on the bus. i loved how they thought through so many little details and made such an effort to be apart of my events. yup, i love them!

i also found some real mission pictures:

sister ware and i. our mission president allowed us to have a culture night once a month. very very cool (except that in my little city of petro, there wasn't a ton to do, so we ended up going to the FrEaKy russian circus TWO TIMES!! although i soo love russians, the circus was so creepy.). this picture is at midnight. each city has a birthday party for their city.  and this was petro's b-day party. it was sometime in june i think. it was truly incredible to think that we were so far north, the sun was just setting at midnight at back up at 3 or 4 am. 

i LOVED this family. and i HATE that i never could figure out the language. i was so sick when i came home that  to think and try to communicate in russian hurt too much - dang headaches. i wish i knew where they were. they weren't members, but Jzanah and her family came to almost everything. she taught us piano lessons periodically. and she came to our english classes each week. such memories. 

The Cathedral of the Savior of the Spilled Blood. i think that is was the literal translation is. this beautiful onion-domed cathedral is the heart of st. petersburg and just around the corner from our mission home. the beautiful imperial gardens are just on the other side of the cathedral.

some of this family is one of the favorite families in russia. they are both artists and the wife made me a russian doll that is absolutely gorgeous!

it's so funny that these pictures bring back so many memories. i remember this house perfectly and the moment. we had a lesson about being royal princesses. thus, the crowns. :) and the sweater i am wearing was a russian flea market find for $2 or 20 rubbles i think. 

oh the joy. who would have thought that 10 years later i would remember things about russia so vividly?