Sunday, August 1, 2010

mission moments

the fact that i am cleaning out and going through almost everything i own, has led me on a bit of a scavenger hunt. i have found so many random things. go figure!

thus, i figured i'd illustrate just how great my family is: while i was on my mission, for a zone conference, the assistants asked our parents to send us special letters. my family, being the crazies that they are, decided to act out their interpretations of the stories i had been telling them. they sent pictures of their "acting". while all the other missionaries in the petro area were crying as they read their letters, i was laughing (if you know me at all, you know that it was really a combination of laughter and tears. :) ). 

my companion and i had taken fruit to our neighbors to get to know them; we taught a lesson about how everyone, regardless of bumps and bruises or perfect outer peels, are all children of God (used an apple and cut it horizontally); teaching a "russian" (thanks dad for the distinguishing hat!), and teaching english. i think becca is suppose to be a russian babooshka; and the famous showing pictures to people while trying to contact on the bus. i loved how they thought through so many little details and made such an effort to be apart of my events. yup, i love them!

i also found some real mission pictures:

sister ware and i. our mission president allowed us to have a culture night once a month. very very cool (except that in my little city of petro, there wasn't a ton to do, so we ended up going to the FrEaKy russian circus TWO TIMES!! although i soo love russians, the circus was so creepy.). this picture is at midnight. each city has a birthday party for their city.  and this was petro's b-day party. it was sometime in june i think. it was truly incredible to think that we were so far north, the sun was just setting at midnight at back up at 3 or 4 am. 

i LOVED this family. and i HATE that i never could figure out the language. i was so sick when i came home that  to think and try to communicate in russian hurt too much - dang headaches. i wish i knew where they were. they weren't members, but Jzanah and her family came to almost everything. she taught us piano lessons periodically. and she came to our english classes each week. such memories. 

The Cathedral of the Savior of the Spilled Blood. i think that is was the literal translation is. this beautiful onion-domed cathedral is the heart of st. petersburg and just around the corner from our mission home. the beautiful imperial gardens are just on the other side of the cathedral.

some of this family is one of the favorite families in russia. they are both artists and the wife made me a russian doll that is absolutely gorgeous!

it's so funny that these pictures bring back so many memories. i remember this house perfectly and the moment. we had a lesson about being royal princesses. thus, the crowns. :) and the sweater i am wearing was a russian flea market find for $2 or 20 rubbles i think. 

oh the joy. who would have thought that 10 years later i would remember things about russia so vividly?


melimba said...

best part?
definitely my NAME TAG I created.
Did you notice it said, "Sister COOL"?
ahh, memories.

remember when we all bawled our eyes out when you got your mission call to Russia? We were sure you'd die of starvation or freeze to death.

Thankfully, neither happened. I, for one, am glad you are on American soil again.

good post. love you. now get down here ASAP.

sAndY rAnsom said...

Hey you sweet and delightful woman! This is Sandy Ransom who you sat by one day at church in Ivins, Ut. You impressed me so much that day, and after looking at this page that I found in desperation, I can understand more of the wonderfulness that absolutely bubbles from you. It's an aura that surrounds you...a love of life and energy that I have thought of so often. So then, you might be asking yourself, did I not respond to your very touching note about that day? Because I am HORRIBLE at writing to people. Now that I know you are moving to Mass, that's why I couldn't find you on any of the faculty lists in the WHOLE Alpine school District. (Yes, I did search every single one of Jr. High and then Elementary.) Thanks for being you. You are so special. And thanks for sharing a couple of hours of your incredible life with me! Love, Sandy Ransom