Sunday, August 29, 2010

viva italia!

dear st. anthony:

i don't know who you are. i don't know why you are a saint. but i am grateful for you. i am grateful that there is a festival to honor and express gratitude for you. because in boston, the italians have made your festival divine!

and when i say divine, i truly mean divine. pizza, caramel apples (yes, i made friends with the people at the stand and figured out what other festivals they will be at), and just watching. i met new friends at a party after i attended your festival friday night. i told them how wonderful your celebration was and we headed back on saturday and loved the dancing in the streets!

love, emily


melimba said...

two favorite things about this post:
your shirt.
why have I never seen it? DARLING. you should do many more photos with it. cute.
second? the man's shirt who is getting ready to give you what looks like a delicious treat.
"my kids think I have money coming out of my..."
I'll let you fill in the rest. NICE.

viva italia for sure.

good job.
i love this new plan of you posting more. WITH pictures, no less?!?!

Jenn -- said...

Love your post! Someday I hope to visit - that would be fun (for me anyway). :)

Scoresbys said...

Mamma mia! Che delizioso! Are you coming with me to the temple dedication in Rome?!?!?! We'll eat pizza and gelato every day and sit at the little cafe in front of the Pantheon and flirt with the waiters. Sound like a deal?