Monday, September 20, 2010

it's almost been a month!

feel free to fire me!

my grand plan was to update my blog with a post a day. haha. that was funny!
it wouldn't have been so bad, but i spilled nail polish remover on my computer 2 weeks ago. yup. computers don't like that stuff. so, it took a week to repair. lovely. i am just really glad i didn't hear, "i told you so" from all my family - thanks guys. i think they could hear in my voice just how much i was yelling at myself that they didn't need to help me out. 

but i really have been having lots and lots of fun!! i was talking to my mom last night, and she asked if there has been a night/day when i haven't been doing something grand and fun. it's true! and i am exhausted because of it. 32 year olds were not made to live like this. i'm just too old.

i'll explain things later, but for now, enjoy the pics: