Sunday, October 31, 2010

boston or bust! i LOVED having a sister's getaway a few weekends ago. i forgot that i hadn't posted until i read miss' comment on becca's blog! it felt soo right for them to be in my world, and so weird to have them go, but so right for me to stay. weird. i can't wait, however, for Christmas to go home and just be with them some more. but, it will be weird with jesse gone to china. i'll just start saving my pennies to go visit him! 
thank you dad for allowing us girls the fun trip!!

a few weekends ago, CT and a friend Julie, and i went to experience a favorite pizza place of CT's. it's called pizza pie-er. you can choose your crust from 4 different breads, one of 8 sauces, and whichever toppings you would love! it was yummy, yummy, yummy. but the best part for me was the menu boards - just look at the adorable fonts!! yes, i took pictures of the fonts and not the people . . . my bad. oh wait, it's because my battery died! i even needed to borrow CT's camera to take pictures of the boat regatta later that weekend. we'll see about getting those posted too!

Then happy happy halloween! this weekend was stake conference. bishop mcmullei of the Presiding Bishopric was here visiting. it was an incredible weekend. i want to be the fan club president of Bishop McMullin.  i had some sweet moments and many ah-ha's. i also got to sit with jenn and kurts' family!! i brought new coloring books and we had fun. note-to-self that sitting in the middle of a pew in the middle of the chapel isn't the most ideal spot with kids. never saved seats for a family with kids before . . . good lesson learned, but they are beautiful and wonderful kids. they were incredible. 

and i got to go to their house tonight too. i love playing with the kids and being with jenn and kurt. it's a home-away-from-home.