Tuesday, October 12, 2010

another "i'll explain later"

sorry. but at 12:13 AM, i am not in a "talkative" mood to explain. we are lucky to get these up (i think we should all be grateful - me included- that i am updated so much more than i used to. baby steps, right??)

wild turkeys at the nielson's home. it was a surprise breakfast for em, and the turkeys greeted me! only in boston!
 you don't really want to see these, so be grateful the flash didn't work. leah and i at the cheesecake factory, practicing out weird faces. tragically, i sooo won.

 rED aPpLe FaRM dAy!!
 mine and meredith's family both hail from alpine/highland. she is a switzler and i am a snyder. AND i get to be her visiting teacher!!

 do you like the composition of the photo?? :) my attempt . . .

 for liz and mom: liz because you love them. for mom because you practiced my lines as fern's mom 1,000 times more than what you would have preferred!

 last night of kimball's ice cream!!

we didn't feel like pushing people, so we watched from the screen . . .  

 my attempt to see the stage
 ct did a much better job than i did
 the winning look!
 we were soo close, too bad we didn't really see it from close
 THIS, my quilt loving fam, is a quilt!! holy cow. love ct's confidence in me as he said, "you could make that" 
. . . hmmm . . THAT is what friends are for!

 have i mentioned that i want to have a collection of boston doors?? have i mentioned how deeply in love i am with doors?? i love that boston has such beautifully unique doors. they say so much about the people and the lives and the families behind them. i love love love them. these were located just by the house of blues and fenway. we were checking to see if ct's car had a ticket. in my happiness that he didn't, i found these!

okay, i obviously commented about the photos. but not in lots of detail. i don't want to say i will add more, because i may not. and i don't want to promise something i may not fulfill. so here's hoping! :)


Angela said...

What post! What fun!

I love that the last half was all doors! ANd I agree...I love Doors. Well not my own...its ugly and boring. Could you pick out your favorite and send it to me in the mail? just put a stamp on it, the post ofic will send anything :)

ajensen said...

So...if you are in Boston than we are "almost" neighbors and I need to see you. I go there...frequently. Are you going to Harvard? We are living up north of you in Manchester NH. Remember me, your MTC buddy--Amber (Haynie) Jensen. We might need to connect :) amberleejensen at gmail