Tuesday, October 26, 2010

me time

i have started to slow down a bit. i am "dating" myself lately and spending some really good me time. i decided that i was tired of being so tired. so i have decided to not really do things during the week. i found a gym that is my new home!

there isn't a contract - hooray!! i am selling my anytime fitness membership that is suppose to be $210 for $150, from november to june in case you are interested! it's like the gym in million dollar baby; a small, family-owned, neighborhood gym. minus the boxing ring!

hmmmm .  . .  i think i am a sucker for painted murals. i fell in love with geneva elementary because of the murals . . . i think i am noticing a trend . . 

the classes here are incredible and push me without killing me. the people are kind and friendly. home sweet home!

last week and this week, i needed to drive to new hampshire and then rhode island for work. thankfully, it's "the most wonderful time of the year" and this is what i got to see

so can't complain!! have i mentioned that i love it here??
as i drove, i was able to talk to my mom, sister, shelley, and pam, and listen to s. michael wilcox teaching about the Savior and also the temple. good hours. good thoughts. great people. hmmm . . . life is good. i am happy and content and at peace. i even - my mother passed out i think when i told her - have all my receipts organized and tracked. this my friends, is a momentous occasion!

and today was the last day of the lexington farmer's market. it was lovely! i stopped at the red apple farm booth and told them i would like to work for them next fall on the weekends! it's a dream land!! ahh. life is good. boston is the best decision i have ever made.


Angela said...

So glad you are happy Em! LOVE LOVE LOVE the photos of the Fall leaves. Thank you for posting those for this Vegas desert girl.

melimba said...

you go, girl.
couldn't be happier for you.
love those pictures! keep 'em coming!
love you.
love me

ellen said...

Boston was one of my very best decisions too!