Monday, October 4, 2010

more hours please

i have officially decided i need to figure out how to get more hours in the day. there just isn't enough time. 
i have a constant to-do list. 
i am going back to what i told my dad years ago - i need a life sponsor. "a what?", my dad asks with a slightly higher level of interest. 
"a life sponsor", i reply with conviction and certainty. 
"what is a life sponsor?" not sure he wants to know . . . 
"someone who pays my bills, who pays for my clothes, my food, my travel, my car, etc." i respond with somewhat of a "duh" attitude. 

i think it was a moment when he must have been thinking, "where are you from, my dear, crazy daughter?" :)

the fact is, there is just too much to get done in 24 hours. that need of sleep is really throwing off my groove. 
i was falling asleep as my friend ct and i drove home from nyc last night. (i think i need to introduce you to my friend ct. he and i worked as counselors and supervisors at efy years and years ago. we don't remember ever really having a conversation back in the day. one of his good friends has been one of my dearest friends these past few years. this is a friend with whom we both have had good, real, soul-satisfying conversations. the night i moved into the house i am living in, there was a reception for the guy whose spot i was taking - remember that i am living in a sort of "bordering house" and there are guys and girls? a girl living here came and got me and mom in the middle of unpacking my stuff and told us to come get treats and meet some people. so we finally did. it took some convincing because we were sweating to death and looked less than lovely. :) i met a few people and as i turned around, i saw CT!!!!!! i kind of freaked out a bit and as he came over after i kind of hollered out his name, we gave each other huge hugs. he has been my miracle and a place where i know i can be me and not feel stupid. hooray for heavenly placed friends. ** note to my alpine mothers: feel free not to read anything more into this. he is a friend.  

back to the story: ct and i went to nyc for conference weekend. a best best friend and her wonderful husband just moved to new york a few weeks ago - tragically their belongings didn't get there until last week though!! it was a heavenly weekend. we matched up with one of the all-time greatest people, dallas graham. it was a tender weekend, full of more soul-satisfying moments. ct lived in new york a few years ago and we met up with some of his friends, and em and dox had a few married friends over for brunch between sunday sessions (at 2ish since on the east coast conference is at noon and four! crazy!). 

ct and i saw The Screwtape Letters  and Next to Normal. holy cow on both of these. talk about being inspired and enriched; moved and changed. wow. i may have to do an entire post about my thoughts from these. yup, i'll work on that because i need to record my ah-ha's. (was going to write "thinkings" but didn't for you becca.)

so here are the pics:
making up the beds for our sleep over!! em and dox live in a BeAUtiFuL loft that looks directly over trinity church. wow. amazing. sunday we listened to the church bells ringing. whoa. heaven. 

 we may have stayed up too late talking. so a little tired. :) em and dox have a massive king-size bed. we had a picnic of cantaloupe on it!! wait, not all of us. dox is superman and went running before we knew the sun was up. 16 miles!! we left for brooklyn bridge and missed him getting home by 10 minutes!! hmmm . . we felt soo productive. :(

 brooklyn bridge. i pretended i was living my life with jack kelly by my side. ahh. if only . . .

 ct and justin and i tried on hats at various tourist stores. they were trying to convince me to buy funky ones. nice try. this was at lincoln center and a really cool guy supposedly makes these beautiful wool hats. they were soo fun! the guys liked this one the best. it was a beautiful hat. if only i lived in the roaring 20's . . .

 i tend to think i am the ultimate judge of a good chocolate chip cookie. and ct took me to the GREATEST cookie place in the world. levain's bakery. 167 west 74th street. whoa. heavenly. i was speechless. doesn't happen much.

 in front of the blessed shake shack, there was this pimped (can a white girl from utah use that word??) out car with tv screens on every surface imaginable: the steering wheel, the passenger side air bag spot, the sides of the doors, three in the trunk, four on the back ledge behind the backseats . . ridiculous. ct and dox used their spanish to chat it up with the owner. while em and i just laughed at them. shocker, i know.

singing "a few of my favorite things" in the subway. accompanied by the steel drummer. and it wasn't even me who started it!! the best was as soon as we were done singing, the drummer pointed to two 13 year old orthodox jewish young men and said "this one is for you" and started playing "havah nagela" (however you spell that!) only in new york. truly the place where dreams are made!

goofing off at dox and em's . . .

 efy-ers . . .
efy-ers plus the patient and adopted efy-er. oops, no em . . .
a weekend of heaven-ness.


Grey Sky Blue said...

lol...Alpine moms! i still love your life em! i miss your lessons but you look so happy that i'll overlook it! rock on!

ellen said...

everybody hearts nyc. :)

melimba said...

i love this post.
i can't believe i hadn't commented on it yet! what a fun weekend!

good work, all around!

love you.

Emily said...

I LOVED this weekend! Can you please come back so so so so so so soon? There is nothing better than best best friends and cantaloupe picnics on the bed. I love you!

Kim and Tony Miller said...

amen to needing more hours in the day.